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Classic wall lamp Alicia €36.90 €41.90 Currently not available
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Imke Wall Light Two Bulbs Brass €227.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
Lindby Finnick wall light, antique brass €44.90 €49.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
Albero wall light, 2-bulb, antique bronze €155.90 Delivery time: 6-9 working days
Classic wall light Tamesis w/ antique gold finish €88.90 Delivery time: 6-9 working days
Wall light Hanna in an antique style €36.90 Delivery time: 10-12 weeks
Irimia glass wall light, antique brass €41.90 Currently not available
Wall light MINERVA with fabric shades, 20 cm €207.90 €486.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
Rusty brown wall torch Estelle €29.90 €38.90 Currently not available
Wall light Evita with an antique touch €393.90 Delivery time: 13-15 weeks
Antique-style picture light Beno €52.90 Currently not available
Delia bronze wall light, two-bulb €434.90 €465.90 Delivery time: 2-4 weeks
Noam Wall Light Exquisite Bronze €114.90 €145.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
Ornate Florence Antique wall light €351.90 Delivery time: 3-5 weeks
Moretti Luce
Abbe - wall light with stylish brass finish €145.90 €155.90 Delivery time: 7-9 weeks
Berliner Messinglampen
WILLI wall torch made of brass €319.90 Delivery time: 4-5 weeks

Antique Wall Lights – Dream of Decades Past

Installed at eye level, antique wall lights can’t help but attract people’s attention. The classic design creates an undeniable appeal, with the materials and colours used complementing each other in a playful way. From models that wouldn’t go amiss in a castle setting to those that evoke a shabby-chic vibe, the antique style fuses nostalgia with design for an all-round classic appearance.

How are wall lights installed?

Always read the usage guidelines and safety instructions before installing new classic and antique wall lights. If you are not experienced in installing lights, consult a professional electrician.

Tip: A handy solution for rented apartments are wall lights that have a cable with a plug, as you don’t need to alter the wiring. You can simply attach it to the wall; just be sure to check if there’s a socket nearby.

classic antique wall lamps

classic wall lamp

How high should my new classic/antique wall lights be installed?

When you attach lights to the wall, make sure it’s not at a height that might blind you later on. To avoid this, install the light about 5cm above eye level. That’s about 1.7 – 1.8 metres high.

What distinguishes an classic/antique wall lamp?

Antique wall lamps boast stylistic elements from days gone by that create a charming feel and give each room a nostalgic touch. We believe that the antique appearance suits the tastes of generations young and old!

classic antique wall lamp shabby chic

classic antique wall lamps shabby chic

What types of antique wall lights are available?

No two antique wall lights are the same. Whether you’ve already decided on a category of light, you still have plenty of options, such as:

  • Single and multi-bulb models
  • Models with lampshades and those with an open view of the bulb
  • Wall torches for soft, glare-free lighting
  • Semi-circle wall shells that flood the wall with light
  • Spotlights that display paintings clearly
  • Extendible models with an accordion-like wall mount

classic antique wall torch

classic antique wall lamp

antique classic crystal wall lamp

What materials do antique wall lamps come in?

When you think “antique”, materials like brass, silver and iron typically come to mind. Other materials we offer include stainless steel, glass, brass, chrome, zinc and even silk. Use the appropriate filter in our online shop to see which materials are available.

antique wall lamp

classic antique wall lamp

Do any antique wall lamps come with switches?

Yes, there are a few options for you to choose from, including the following:

  • The trusty wall switch – a classic still widely used
  • A light with a built-in switch – easy to use
  • A switch on the power cable – also easy to use
  • A remote control – there is even a multi-colour function available
  • Wall lamps can also be controlled using an app on your phone if they’re smart lamps (this can also be retrofitted)

Tip: You can choose for the wall light to be controlled by two wall switches, too. This is a common feature in the bedroom, where there’s often a switch near the door and another by the bed.

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialist advisers using the contact information below.

Do classic and antique wall lights work with LED technology?

LED lights are the ideal solution when it comes to any lighting scenario – and antique style wall lights are no exception to this. After all, a light that illuminates your home, saves energy and is environmentally friendly is the perfect mix. If the bulb is visible, you might want to use a stylish LED filament bulb to match the style. These have all the same advantages of modern LEDs:

  • They save 90% energy compared to traditional light bulbs and 60% compared to halogen bulbs
  • You can enjoy an almost maintenance-free technology
  • LED bulbs have a service life of up to 50,000 hours
  • LED bulbs are highly durable
  • They provide immediate 100% brightness when switched on
  • Designs with built-in LEDs can be more compact

Still haven’t found the answer to your question? Our specialist advisers are looking forward to your call. Please don’t hesitate to call them on +353 1 699 2138 or use our contact form.

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