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    Unlike other floor lamps, uplighters illuminate upwards towards the ceiling and create – by means of indirect lighting– a warm, cosy atmosphere. You also benefit from added flexibility, as you can illuminate an entire room or simply accentuate a specific area.

    How often do you need to change the light bulb in an uplighter?

    Almost never. In the vast majority of cases, modern uplighters benefit from permanently installed LED technology. This technology is so advanced that if you turn your light on for 4 hours every day, the bulb will last for up to 30 years – or more!

    Of course, uplighters come in models with replaceable light bulbs, too. Simply check which fitting you need – E14 or E27, for example. Usually, you need one or two light bulbs for the top and one for the bottom (for the reading light).


    Are reading lights recommended?

    If you enjoy a good book, then a reading light is definitely the thing for you. Your elegant uplighter may provide a pleasant background lighting effect – you can even dim it for a cosier feel – but for reading, you need something more. That’s where reading lights come in. These lights can be adjusted to shine the perfect amount of light on your book, providing that added bit of flexibility you just can’t go without.

    Are uplighters dimmable? What about reading lights?

    Yes, most uplighter and reading light models are dimmable – after all, flexibility equals convenience. Simply apply the “Dimmer” filter when browsing our shop.

    The way you reduce brightness varies from model to model, but the aim is always the same – turn the brightness up and down to your heart’s content. This is possible with the following:

    • Models with easy-dim bulbs
    • Models with touch dimmers
    • Models with turn switches
    • Models with foot dimmers
    • Models with remote controls

    Halogen or LED bulbs – which is better?

    Let’s be absolutely clear –  LED technology has so many more advantages:

    • 60% energy and cost savings compared to halogen bulbs
    • Maintenance-free with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
    • Uses less energy, has more lumens and thus a greater brightness
    • Luminous colours can be changed
    • Tailored to the latest smart home trends

    Are any uplighters remote controlled?

    Yes, although remote-controlled uplighters are not as common as some other remote-controlled lights. They are becoming quite fashionable, however, especially in terms of colour changes and multi-colour functions.

    What designs can I choose from?

    When it comes to styles, there is so much to choose from – simply apply the “Style” filter when browsing our shop. Here, you’ll find everything from country home to designer.


    Uplighter or floor lamp – which is better?

    Ultimately, this is a question of taste. Have a think about what sort of light you like best and what it should be able to do. Uplighters, for instance, can be used to illuminate the whole room or, alternatively, to light certain areas. A normal floor lamp, meanwhile, is generally more intended for illuminating certain parts of a room. Most uplighters come with a small reading light as an additional feature, whereas other floor lamps tend not to.

    Tip before you buy: weigh up the following pros and cons:

    • Purpose (general or zone lighting): An uplighter can do both.
    • Additional functions (reading light): Only uplighters tend to have this feature.
    • Indirect lighting: Uplighters provide it, with other floor lamps it varies from model to model.
    • Design: Are you into Scandinavian interiors or the Tiffany style? Uplighters are somewhat limited when it comes to specific trends and designs – it may be worth checking other floor lamp models if you’re after something specific.
    tripod floor lamp
    tiffany style floor lamp
    led floor lamp

    Do you need further advice on whether an uplighter is the right choice for you? Then get in touch with one of our expert advisers. Call us on or get in touch via our contact form.

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