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Control your home at the touch of a button

Left the light on in the kitchen? Forgot to set the heating to come on and it’s a bitterly cold day?

With a smart home device, you’ll never worry again. With just the tap of a few buttons via a smartphone app you’ll have full control over your home, whether it’s turning off lights, turning up the heating or making sure your security alarm is set.

What are smart home devices?

Depending on which smart home systems you buy, they all have very different components.

For some, they concentrate on just smart home lighting, while other products provide comfort and security both inside and outside your home, like radiator thermostats, shutter activators, environmental sensors and cameras.

There are lots of options, all designed to make you feel safe and secure. Still, it’s best to know what system and additional devices you need before buying as some brands require certain accessories - like the bridge in the case of Philips Hue or the access point for the Homematic IP.

smart outdoor wall light

What can smart home devices do?

Smart home devices make your home intelligent and take away everyday activities, like switching on lights or turning the heating up or off.

What’s the benefit of this?

Well, not only does it give you more time to do other things, but it also gives you a feeling of security. Because even when you’re not at home, all you need to do is glance at your mobile phone to know everything is okay.

smart ceiling light

Control lighting

  • Automatic lighting for convenience and safety
  • Colour and brightness change according to mood and situation
  • Coloured light in millions of combinations
smart home device thermostat

Smart heating

  • Automatically raise and lower heating
  • Intelligent networking with window and door contacts
  • Optimised heating plans for cost and energy savings 
smart home devices camera

Indoor and outdoor cameras

  • Control of areas in and around the house
  • Direct communication via integrated microphones
  • Worldwide live image transmission to mobile devices 
smart home devices shutter control

Shutter control

  • Manual or automatic operation of roller shutters
  • Networking with fracture sensors
  • Control depending on wind direction and strength as well as solar radiation
smart home devices open close garage door

Open/close garage door

  • Convenient opening and closing of access doors via smartphone
  • Check the condition at any time and from any place
  • Optimum service for barrier-free living 
smart home devices integrate electrical appliances

Integrate electrical appliances

  • Integration of electrical appliances with a plug, e.g. kettle, coffee machines, etc.
  • Simple installation using adaptors
  • Switching on and off via a smartphone from anywhere 
smart home devives smoke alarm

Fire protection

  • Indoor surveillance and control at any time from anywhere
  • Direct push notification to a smartphone in case of emergency
  • Link with other measures, e.g. warning lighting 
smart home devices

Intrusion protection

  • Monitoring the status of doors and windows
  • Direct push notification to a mobile phone when status changes
  • Switch alarm on and off depending on the situation 
smart christmas tree lights

Christmas lighting

  • Unprecedented variety of lighting ideas
  • Coloured and colour changing light
  • Control of various light sources and grouping of related decorative elements 

What control options are there?

The smart devices are usually configured via the smart home system’s app. They cannot be controlled with just a mobile phone.

smart outdoor security lighting

About Smartphones

Depending on the device, the Smart Home components are configured via WLAN or Bluetooth. Changes can be made at any time via smartphone. 

smart home devices sensors

Via sensors

In addition to motion detectors, smart home systems use sensors like door contacts or environmental sensors to activate or deactivate other components.

smart lighting PhilipsHue

About language

Most smart home systems can be integrated into the voice control of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

smart outdoor lighting

About automation

Thanks to programmed routines, there is no longer any need to worry about things like turning up the heating or dimming the lights.

smart home devices switch

Via switch

Special wall switches can be assigned functions via the app. Lights and other devices, for example, can be operated at the press of a button.

smart home devices

Via remote controls

Many systems offer a handheld transmitter which can be used to control central functions of the smart home system.

Which manufacturers are there?

The number of smart home manufacturers is huge, as is the range of devices and systems. Depending on your personal needs, it’s worth taking a look at the full range of a brand first before deciding which system is best for you.

Occasionally, systems can be combined, but not always - so make sure you check before you buy!



Smart Home System focused on home security with cameras, door lock drives and alarm systems.

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