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##Light up your cupboards with furniture lights

Furniture lights brighten up wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, bookcases, dressers and display cabinets. They do it discreetly; without taking centre stage. Furniture lights don’t want to show off with fancy lighting design. They are simple and understated. They are there to provide light – and they do it very well!

These little lights, which disappear into the wood, shine perfect light on the contents of your cabinets. Your limited-edition vinyl or DVD collection will truly come into their own. After all, any stage needs perfect lighting. Not just in the theatre.

furniture lights

How are furniture lights installed?

There are various options:

  • Simply install a plastic ring onto a smooth surface and insert the light. Pro: You don't need to drill holes in your furniture. Con: The light will stick out by around 1-2 cm.
  • Use a mounting spring. You need to drill a blind hole for this – you then place the light with the spring inside. The spring is then compressed so you lose approx. 5 cm to the right and left. The spring is also visible.
  • Drill a blind hole and affix the light inside. This keeps everything nice and flush and you can only see the light. It is perfect for display cabinets and shelves, for example.
  • In the case of longer lights, you would need to create a longer recess in the wood. Check the product details to find the dimensions for the milled groove.

Too complicated? Simply get in touch with our team of experts. The contact information is listed below.

furniture lights

foco empotrado para armario

furniture lights

Are furniture lights flat?

If you hide them in a blind hole that you have drilled into the wood, then they sit flush with the surface. The practical lights are also very flat themselves. After all, they have been designed to have as little impact on the appearance of your furniture as possible.

What size hole do I need to drill for installation?

It depends on the diameter of your furniture light. Check the assembly instructions that come with your lights to find the correct dimensions. Drill a hole to match the light in question.

Which bulbs are suitable for furniture lights?

  • LED

    Most furniture lights come with built-in LED technology. LEDs are always a good choice. They are both simple and the bulb of choice in all respects. They save 60% electricity compared to halogen lamps and 90% compared to traditional light bulbs. Take a look at our infographic to see an overview of all of the benefits.

  • Halogen

    LED is the present and the future. Halogen is the past. But you can still get halogen furniture lights. Albeit not many. Our tip: Save yourself some money and opt for LEDs.

Can you get dimmable furniture lights?

Just check the light in question. If they are labelled as dimmable, then yes.

Can you buy furniture lights in a set?

Of course, they are often sold as sets of three. After all, furniture lights are rarely used in the singular!

furniture lights

Can you get furniture lights with a sensor?

Do you want the light to turn on when it is needed? Be it in your wardrobe, in your kitchen cupboards or in your display cabinet? Then opt for a furniture light with a sensor. Simply check the product details or ask our team of experts. You can find their telephone number and a link to our contact form below.

Can you get pivotable furniture lights?

Do you want to direct the light to the corner of your wardrobe? Or perhaps properly stage your favourite souvenir in your display cabinet? Simply adjust the furniture light until you are satisfied. The item description in our shop will tell you whether your model of choice is pivotable.

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