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    Antique pendant lights:

    stylish interiors meets classic elegance

    As so many other styles, the antique look is in a state of flux. Dark and opulent is no longer the only way to go; at least not from a modern point of view. Modern antique styles do have a brighter side too, but are still antique at their core.

    In this guide, we’ll explain what the antique style stands for and how our brand new pendant lights can look like your latest antique.

    What distinguishes the antique style?

    The antique style is the opposite of the minimalist one. Minimalism is impressive in its tidiness and straightforward nature, but the antique style attracts more attention. Antique lovers have a penchant for genuine craftsmanship, which can be seen in dressers, cabinets and tables adorned with details carved in dark wooden furniture. It’s these antiquated elements of style that also give our pendant lights that antique look.

    What does ‘antiquated’ mean?

    Antiquated pendant lights are not really antique – they just look like they are.

    This is because it’s neither practical nor affordable to have hundred-year-old antique lights hanging in your living room. What’s more, if you’re buying a new antique pendant light, you probably want a state-of-the-art, high-quality product.

    There’s a difference between a genuine antique and an antiquated piece, but they both fall under the same antique style category.

    antique pendant light crystal

    What effect do antique pendant lights have?

    Some of the defining features of classic pendant lights include polished copper and brass elements, gold leaf trims and curved shapes. Antique gold or brass pendant lights are pleasing to the eye and, if paired with a shiny light, add a special touch to your home. We also recommend crystal, as it displays its beauty around the whole room when the light is refracted.

    Everything in moderation though. To prevent your home from having too much of an outdated, serious atmosphere, consider pairing your antiquated piece with lighter shades and smoother surfaces – both in terms of wall paint and decorations.

    antique pendant light glass
    antique pendant light with shade
    antique pendant light

    What type of light bulb is best for a classic pendant light?

    These days, it’s all about having a modern home in an antique style – which means combining LEDs with your antique pendant light. To make sure it doesn’t look too out of place, use an LED filament bulb. These look like traditional light bulbs but have all the benefits of LEDs, including:

    • High energy savings
    • A long service life
    • The optimal light for classic pendant lights
    • High switching capability
    • Immediate 100% brightness
    • An antique appearance (without antique prices!)
    antique pendant light brass
    antique pendant light brass

    Are there any height-adjustable pendant lights?

    Absolutely, although this feature is not always suitable for antique pendant lights as the mechanism that adjusts the height needs to match the style.

    You can, of course, find rise and fall mechanisms in which all of the components are antiquated. You might want to take a look at our modern height-adjustable pendant lights, too, if you need more selection.

    How high should antique pendant lights be hung above the table?

    One thing the antique style shares with all other styles is that the dining table is the central point of any home. It’s not only where you eat – it’s where you read the paper, prepare food, entertain guests, and sometimes even work. For this reason, height-adjustable pendant lights are ideal for the dining table.

    However, if your favourite light doesn’t have this feature, make sure to hang the light at a suitable height for all situations. We recommend a height of 80 - 100 cm above the tabletop.

    antique pendant light
    antique pendant light installation

    How are classic pendant lights connected?

    It depends on the model, which is why each product comes with an installation manual. Make sure to hand this manual to a qualified electrician to perform the connection.

    Still have questions about antique pendant lights, installation or compatible bulbs? Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists. You can reach them on +353 1 699 2138 or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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