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2067-150 LED strip RGB self-adhesive €28.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
Philips Hue
Philips Hue LightStrip Plus 1m extension €26.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
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Basic set YourLED 3 m in white, LEDs, warm white €36.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
WiZ LED strip starter kit 2 m €52.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
Paulmann Neon Colorflex LED strip, RGB, USB, 1 m €24.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
3 m long LED strip YourLED Eco, white, warm white €21.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
Warm white LED strip YourLED Eco 5 m, white €31.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
Decorative YourLED USB strip daylight €9.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
Basic set MaxLED LED strip 150 cm white adj. €69.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
Cololight strip extension, 30 LEDs per metre €26.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
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Mono 600 LED strip warm white 2,900 K IP20 48 W €101.90 Delivery time: 10-14 working days
iDual Strip light LED strip starter kit 3 m €62.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
IT LED Strip adjustable luminous colour €52.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
5 m Mea RGB LED strip Mea with IR remote control €31.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
Cool white Rio LED strip, 3 m €57.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
Paulmann YourLED Eco LED strip 3 m warm white €26.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
3 m long LED strip YourLED Eco, cool white €21.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
5 m long LED strip YourLED Eco, white, cool white €31.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
Black RGB LED strip YourLED, 1 m €15.90 Delivery time: 1-3 weeks
Innr Lighting
Innr Smart Outdoor LED trunking light from €62.90 + more: Model

LED strips – A must-have for the creative DIY enthusiast

Are decoration and effects totally your bag? Then you definitely need LED strips for your home! LED strips are plastic strips with small diodes that shine brightly and can change in colour. A major benefit of LED strip lights is that they are flexible and can adapt easily to fit around different objects, whether round or square.

What are LED strips suitable for?

LED strips can be used anywhere in the house and garden. Their primary function is to create a pleasant atmosphere, however they can be used functionally too - for example, in the kitchen as an alternative to under-cabinet lights.

An overview of usages:

  • atmospheric back lighting for TV screens
  • indirect lighting for furniture
  • on balcony and terrace railings
  • n landings in the home and garden
  • in the commercial sector for neon signs, e.g. to illuminate large letters
  • on laptops or in the car – there are even models with a USB port

led strips

led strips

led strips

Please note: If you use LED strips outdoors – or in the bathroom or kitchen – they will need an appropriate IP code. IP44 and higher is suitable for outdoor usage and means that the product is protected against foreign bodies that are one millimetre or larger, and from water splashes.
Find the appropriate IP code in this overview:

led strips

How are LED strips connected and secured?

Generally, LED strips have an adhesive strip on the rear. This can be easily glued onto all types of smooth, clean and dry surfaces. Smooth surfaces made of glass are most suitable, but tiles and metal work well too. The LED strip is powered via a power adaptor - Simply plug the adaptor into the nearest power point and be amazed by what the light has to offer!

What lengths do LED strips come in?

Most LED strips are between 1 to 5 metres long. You can find the exact length in centimetres by simply looking in the product details in our shop. 5 metres is not long enough? Then choose a model that is expandable. Our specialist advisers will be happy to help you. Their contact details can be found below.

Can I cut and connect LED strips?

For the craft fans among you, yes. However, remember scissors can only be used on the strips where expressly designated. This is stated on the packaging as well as in the product texts in our shop.

Tip: If LED strips can be shortened, small scissor symbols can be seen on the strip to indicate where to cut.

led strips

led strips

Which brand manufacturers produce LED strips?

Already have a clear idea of where you want to use your LED strips and have a brand product in mind, such as Philips Hue? To check which manufacturers offer these versatile LED strips, just select the filter “manufacturer” and browse.

Are LED strips dimmable?

Depending on the product, LED strips can be dimmed via remote control or with a smartphone app. Just check the product specifications for this information.

Is colour change possible?

Enjoy playing with different colours and adjusting the light to suit your mood? Then LED strips with a multicolour function are perfect for you! You can see which light strips have this function in our shop by looking at the category overview. Just look for the multicoloured circle icon.

Tip: There are models that cannot change colour, but can change colour temperature from warm white to daylight white. Of course, this information can be found in the product details. Alternatively, you can look for the blue and yellow circle icon.

Are there any models with batteries?

Like the idea of fitting your furniture and stairs with LED strips, but don’t want the mess of cables that come with it? Then we have some good news. We offer battery-powered LED light strips, too, which means that they are mobile and can be moved around the home. The product description provides information as to whether an LED strip is battery-powered.

How can I control LED strips?

Again, there’s many possibilities. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose between:

  • Models that can be controlled by a remote control
  • Models that can be controlled via a smartphone app and can be integrated into a smart home lighting system
  • Models that can be adjusted by a control panel on the LED strip itself

led strips

Still unsure about what type of LED strip is best for you? Then just get in touch with our specialist advisers. Call them on +353 1 699 2138 or use our contact form.

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