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LED bollard lights and LED path lights: The best technology to help you find your way.

Replacing light bulbs is a thing of the past! LED bollard lights are low-maintenance and last many years. Aside from this, there are other benefits to having them:

  • Less energy consumption - despite higher light intensity
  • Immediate 100 % brightness – no delay
  • Excellent light quality in luminous colour and colour rendering
  • State-of-the-art designs thanks to compact light engineering

How are LED bollard lights installed?

There are two instalment options available, depending on the model:

  • Firmly mounted on a frost-resistant foundation or similar subsurface.
  • Staked with a ground spike into loose ground, such as grass.

Some products lend themselves to both instalment options and for some models, a ground spike can be purchased. All of this information is available in the product details.

An electrician should take care of connecting light fixtures to a power line. Safe placement options for cabling in the ground can be carried out beforehand, but any circuit points should be set up by a specialist.

led bollard lights

How big is a LED bollard light?

LED bollard lights are between 60 and 150 cm in height and fall somewhere between pillar lights and pole lights. With LED bollard lights, the light source is close enough to the path to generate an ideal brightness of around 300-600 lumens and positioned below eye-level, thus reducing glare.

However, bollard lights are not just practical lights, but contemporary design features too. We want beautiful, new designs to be seen!

led bollard lights

led bollard lights

What is there to consider regarding motion sensors and/or twilight sensors for LED bollard lights?

LED light sensors do not just provide comfort, they are also economic and environmentally friendly.

A twilight sensor makes sure that the lights turn on automatically at dusk and turn off again at dawn. With a motion detector, the light only turns on when it is needed.

For this to work effectively, you need to consider the detection range of the motion sensor. A common detection angle for bollard lights is 120° to 180° which provides sufficient coverage for any movement on the pathway. Of course, the aforementioned twilight sensor prevents the motion sensor to turn on the lights when someone enters its detection range.

led bollard lights

What are LED bollard lights with outlets for?

A long extension cable running out over the garden table is a thing of the past! With built-in power outlets, you can dock your electronics on the path lights - Electric grills, lawn mowers, smartphones or laptops… Super easy and useful!

Are there LED path lights featuring solar technology?

Yes, there are some great options available, for example the XSolar path light by STEINEL which has been successfully tested in mountain homes where no electrical power supply is available.

Nonetheless, please keep in mind that solar lights need the sun's energy to charge the battery, which is usually difficult in autumn and winter. So, if the lighting is crucial for security reasons, we’ll always recommend path lights that are connected to the power line.

led bollard lights

led bollard lights

led bollard lights

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