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    LED candles – simply safe, simply beautiful

    Ah, a nice relaxing evening in beautiful candlelight. Now wouldn’t that be nice? Well it would be, especially if you could avoid the unpleasant spots of wax on your new wooden table or the soot stains on the curtain. Then there is the fear that the dog might knock the candles over ... But why miss out on candlelight altogether? There really is no need - you can get LED candles! They create the most stunning candlelight and are totally safe. Plus, they come with numerous extra features and a look that is deceptively real.

    led candles
    led candles
    led candles

    What are the benefits of LED candles?

    • The look: a real candle or an LED candle? It is only when you look closely that you can tell the difference. And no wonder, LED candles emulate real candles right down to the smallest details.
    • The ambience: why do we love candles so much? Correct! Because of the unique ambience that they create. However, it’s not just real candles that can provide this chilled out atmosphere, LED candles can do it too.
    • The new shine: everyone is familiar with the candle that has burnt unevenly and can no longer be used. Of course, there is no danger of this with LED candles as they look the same after several years of use as they did on the very first day.
    • The LED technology: There is absolutely no need to worry about the risk of fire with this energy-efficient technology. Will they heat up? Nope. Will they smoke or leave soot or wax drops on your lovely new coffee table? No need to worry with LED candles.
    • There is absolutely no risk of danger: a busy household? Then you can’t even think about candles with an open flame. LED candles are totally harmless for young children and pets. You can even use flameless candles in places (e.g. guest rooms) or in situations (a nap, perhaps) when you can’t keep an eye out.


    • LED candles are, of course, wireless. After all, they need to replicate the real burning originals as best they can. I mean, have you ever seen a real candle with a cable? LED candles tend to be powered by conventional batteries.
    • You can choose models with super practical timers or with a remote control if you wish. You can use these features to adjust the light duration or the flickering light as well as to dim the candlelight. Please keep in mind that these features differ from model to model. As such, it is important to check the product details.
    • Flameless candles can even shine in different colours. Green, red, blue or even purple – there are no limits!
    led candles
    led candles
    led candles

    What types of LED candles can you get?

    There is a great variety to choose from. LED candles definitely stand toe to toe with real candles in terms of design. Options include:  red, white, blue, black, cream-coloured or in trendy mint green, rose or raspberry... structured, with a glitter effect and, of course, with a real wax cover and fake dripping wax around the rim. As a dinner candle, a tealight or with a small or large diameter. You want a candle that you can actually blow out? Well, you can even get those with LED candles!

    Which batteries do you need for LED candles?

    Even though LED candles are generally battery-powered, they use batteries of varying sizes. The number of batteries varies, too. Simply check the product details to find out which batteries and how many you need for your new candles. You generally need standard AA, AAA or C batteries.

    Our tip: Simply order the right batteries for your new LED candles from our shop. Simply take a look at “Accessories” for your favourite LED candle. It will tell you the exact batteries that you need.

    How long do LED candles burn for?

    led candles

    The real question is how long do you want the candles to burn for? In theory, you can turn your LED candles on and leave them to shine until the batteries give up the ghost which would actually take quite a while.

    Otherwise, you can make use of the integrated timer that comes with many LED candles. As well as turning your candles on and off, you can set them to shine for a specific amount of time. A popular choice is between four and eight hours. Now isn’t that convenient?! A feature that blows real candles out of the water!

    Have you already chosen a specific LED candle and now you want to know more; like whether it has a practical timer? Simply check the product details. It will also tell you which light durations you can choose from.

    Why do LED candles flicker?

    When it comes to real candles, flickering plays a key role in creating a relaxing atmosphere. This is why LED candles flicker too - just like their role models! Simply check the “Flickering light” feature in the product details to find out more.

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