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    Lamp posts – Big lights for big lighting ideas

    You like pillar lights and pathway lights, yet you already have them in your garden and you prefer a bigger, more impressive light. How about a lamp post, also known as pole light? At over two metres in height, it provides an attractive, glare-free light and a unique ambience can come in a nostalgic look in the shape of a lantern too.

    vintage lamp post
    lamp post
    lamp post

    What type of connection does a lamp posts require?

    Just like a standard light connected to the mains voltage, a garden lamp post is connected to 230 volts / 50 hertz. Nevertheless, we recommend that any electrical connection and installation is left to an expert. This saves unnecessary work and stress!

    Do pole lights always need a foundation?

    There are different kinds of light poles. Some can simply be installed on a tarred / concreted surface, while others need to be embedded in the ground with a foundation (e.g. commercial street lights).

    If you would like to install a post light on an unpaved lawn surface in your garden, a (small) foundation is needed. No need to worry! Information on the “type of installation” is easy to find in the enclosed installation instructions.

    Always ensure that post lights can withstand any wind forces. The local wind climate and landscape topography need to be taken into account here. The area exposed to the wind is an important factor for many lights and should not to be overlooked. Here, a proper foundation ensures stability.

    You are not sure whether getting a lamp post is a good idea since it will be exposed to all weather conditions? Then call us or send a message. Our experts can help. Contact details are provided below.

    What height should a lamp post be?

    Whether you are responsible for the lighting in a public area or the proud owner of a company and you want to fit out the exterior with pole lights, the height of the light is key. Relevant standards need to be met. Also, you need to consider other important factors such as avoiding light pollution, increasing quality of life, safety aspects, accident prevention, liability issues, reduced energy consumption and operation at night. A professional lighting concept is strongly recommended.

    lamp post

    What is the first thing to consider in your garden when it comes to lamp posts? Of course, your taste and more specifically, a visually appealing lamp which can light up narrow paths and areas adequately. The lights in your garden should be installed to emit light almost without glare not to disturb your neighbours.

    However, a post light is only called ‘lamp post’ when its height exceeds 1.50 m. Anything smaller than that is called a pillar light or a pathway light.

    You want to know where to find more information on the specific height of lamp posts? Simply have a look at the product details!

    path lights
    pillar lights

    What styles do pole lights come in?

    In your preferred style. There are lamp posts for lovers of puristic, futuristic and modern style. These are available in one-bulb, two-bulb or three-bulb versions.

    Our tip: The more arms the pole light has, the more light it yields and the more space it will take up in the garden.

    lamp post
    lamp post
    garden lamp post
    lamp post driveway

    Where can lamp posts be used?

    You can place pole lights in front of or behind the house, in the garden, driveway or along the path. Essentially, your new post lights can be placed wherever you want them on your property. However, the situation is completely different in public areas such as in car parks, streets or other public places.

    Yet even on your own property, ensure that you do not make yourself unpopular with your neighbours with too much lighting, or an incorrectly placed light. So consider light pollution and your own well-being, as well as that of your neighbours.

    Not quite sure about the best use of lamp posts in your garden? Our specialist consultants can help! Send a message or call us. Contact details are available below.

    Are there pole lights with motion sensors?

    Indeed, there are. Lamp posts with motion sensors have all sorts of benefits: A motion detector...

    • increases convenience outdoors. The light turns on only when people approach and automatically turns off again.
    • makes your outdoor area much safer. The light turns on automatically, allowing you to see stones, steps or garden paths that veer off.
    • saves money and helps the environment. The light is only switched on when you need it.
    • makes life even harder for uninvited guests, making your own property a bit safer.

    Our tips on motion detectors:

    • Tip  1: When choosing the light bulb, do not choose compact fluorescent bulbs. LED bulbs are a better option, as these instantly provide 100 % light output.
    • Tip  2: If you want all the lights in one area to shine at the same time, use an external motion detector.

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