Minimalism - less is more

Lighting reduced to the essentials

The idea behind minimalism is to counteract our hectic everyday life with a haven of peace - within our homes. In a minimalist interior, we concentrate on the essentials. The rooms offer as much free space as possible to relax without too many distractions. Minimalist furniture pieces have a clear aesthetic. "Form follows function", is a principle that proposes a building or object's purpose should be the starting point for its design rather than its aesthetics. Minimalist lights also follow this design motto.

Pure formality

What distinguishes a minimalist light?

It is a task that appeals to lighting designers: to create something unique from simple basic shapes. Designers achieve this by repeatedly rearranging geometric shapes such as circles, squares, or triangles and garnishing the design with refinements such as a distinctive colour scheme or a material accent.

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Minimalist lights with no limits

Unlimited design freedom with LED technology

Due to the compact LED lighting technology, there are hardly any limits for designers in terms of design. Thin lighting bodies and narrow frames can shine without protruding light sources. These luminaires are modern and with the current trends. All minimalist lights have a futuristic feel to them.

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Timeless minimalist lights

Classic and minimal styles

Never before have so many interior designers been so enthusiastic about a reduced style of living as today. But many well-known lights were designed in this style many decades ago. Currently, these timeless classics are flourishing anew - some of them even with a certificate of authenticity showing that it is a re-edition based on original designs.

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Minimalist & luxurious

Opposites combined

Glamour and minimalism are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, the supposed opposites can be united to create a trendy minimalist luxury chic look. Minimalist designs with precious materials, a graceful combination of gold tones, black and high-quality glass elements with simultaneously slender lines set the tone here.

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