9 hacks for lighting your kitchen

Getting your kitchen lighting right may sound easy, but to get the perfect ambience, you need to plan. First, you need to choose the ceiling light that suits your kitchen, but will it be strip lights, spots or LED bulbs? Then there’s the worktop lighting that not only needs to shine a light where it’s needed to prevent accidents, it has to be glare-free too. And let’s not forget if pendant lights are the best option above a dining table. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 9 hacks to help you get your kitchen lighting just right.

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Getting the ceiling lights right

For the kitchen, you should go for ceiling lights made of steel, metal, glass or plastic. These materials are easy to wipe and don’t take on the smell of cooking fumes.

Glare-free bulbs which can adjust between warm white and daylight white with a dimming function is recommended for kitchen lamps. This allows you to complete every activity - from cleaning and chopping to sitting comfortably - in safety.


Worktop and under-cabinet lighting

Chopping vegetables can be hazardous if the lighting isn’t right. You can’t rely on the ceiling lamp if your shadow blocks its light, but don’t fret, the answer is simple: worktop and under-cabinet lighting.

These work via built-in motion detectors, so the light always comes on when you’re working in the kitchen, adding an extra touch of safety when you’re chopping carrots like a pro!


Illuminate kitchen islands & counters in style

Larger kitchens with space for kitchen islands and counters are ideal for chic, designer pendant lamps. Not only do they look great, but you’ll also never tire of guests telling you how much they love them too.

You can place several single-bulb pendant lights next to each other or to choose a multi-bulb model. Depending on whether you plan to hang them over the worktop or above an area for sitting and eating, a warm white or neutral white light colour should be selected for both. And with height-adjustable models available, they’re incredibly versatile.


Must-have pendant lights for cosy kitchen-cum-dining room

If you have a kitchen, you usually have a dining table. A pendant lamp is a perfect choice here. Preferably height-adjustable, with warm white light that can be dimmed.

For a small table, one pendant lamp should be enough while an elongated pendant light or several pendant lights, placed at the same distance from each other, will light large tables with ease.


Track and cable systems for all areas of the kitchen

Every kitchen is different, so every kitchen needs a different approach to lighting. For this, cable and track systems are the answer as they allow you to illuminate around corners and banish areas in permanent shadow.

With just one power connection, different areas of the room can be individually lit and within a system, different lights can also be fitted. Track and cable systems are anything but just purely functional, not only do they work great, they look great too.


Small kitchen lighting ideas

A small single apartment often only has a kitchenette without much space. So, this is where a little creativity is needed - like lights that also function as shelves with storage space.

Meanwhile, larger standing shelves with bright spotlights also provide storage space and a pleasant lighting atmosphere. And anyone who likes light-up furniture should also consider a luminous side table in the kitchen.


LED strips for indirect and coloured lighting

Anyone who wants to create atmospheric lighting in their kitchen should include LED strips in their planning, attached to the lower edge of worktops, shelves and counters.

LED strips can be shortened with scissors at defined intervals and can be placed around corners or be cut off and reconnected using special clips. LED strips with colour-changing functions are available that you control via remote control or smartphone.


Illuminate your indoor herb garden

Growing fresh herbs, like chives, parsley and basil, add an extra-special flavour, not only to your cooking but to your kitchen too.

To give kitchen herbs the perfect setting, placing a pendant light or a shelf with an in-built light will display them wonderfully while providing growth-promoting light.


Smart lights for your smart kitchen

Smart lights in the kitchen have huge benefits, including voice control when you have your hands full and need a bit more light.

Mobile phone-controllable LED panels, for example, can be installed under wall cabinets to illuminate the worktop and controlled with a smartphone. Pendant lights above the dining table provide colourful variety with RGB LEDs. And models that can switch between indirect and direct lighting and light up shaded areas bring convenience to the kitchen.

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