golden lamps

Golden Lights and Lamps Golden glamour

Golden lamps — regardless of whether the finish is matt, glittery or rose gold — add a luxury feel to any room. Golden lights always look glamorous, which allows the designer freedom to create something grand or straightforward, knowing the outcome will always be spectacular.

But what really makes a golden lamp stand out isn’t the design. It’s simply that it shimmers and shines whenever there is light.

Discover golden lights

Graceful floor lamps Floor lamps with golden charm

From the arc lamp to the upright vertical floor lamp - gold suits them all. And while simple lines are popular in modern interiors, floral patterns are perfect for rooms where the decor is a little more grand or classic.

Regardless of your interior design, golden floor lamps will lighten and lift your living space.

Impressive ceiling lights Glowing gold flair from above

Gold tones are extremely popular for general lighting, especially ceiling lights. They can give simple spotlights a dazzling appearance and make even the most spectacular chandelier even more beautiful.

Dazzling pendant lights Lighting with a golden touch

Gold-coloured pendant lights enchant a dining table and warm a living room with their delightful cone of light. From statement pieces with large golden lampshades to minimalist designs and multi-bulb models, whatever your room needs, there’s a dazzling golden pendant lamp to suit.

Atmospheric table lamps A glow like no other

Table lamps with golden nuances provide a super-cosy light no other colour can replicate. Why? Because when warm white light hits gold, it breaks up in an atmospheric way, resulting in a unique glow you only get with gold.

That’s why they make the perfect colour for a table lamp. And they’re especially ideal for the bedroom, as the glow allows you to feel good and relax before dropping off to sleep.

Majestic chandeliers Pure luxury

Majestic chandeliers are the epitome of luxury lighting. And it goes without saying that without gold tones, that luxury is lost. That’s why many chandeliers, while including white, silver, glass, crystal and mother-of-pearl in their design, will also have gold for added luxury.

Enchanting wall lights Golden eye level

Wall lamps in warm gold tones will enrich your home. And in terms of design, anything goes. Whether you prefer geometric shapes, curves or something a bit quirky, the result is the same: enchanting, harmonious light that adds warmth and relaxation to any room.

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