5 lighting hacks for your kid’s bedroom

Nothing is off the table when decorating your children’s bedroom these days. A girl's room looks beautiful in shades of pink, with princess motifs and flowers. As does a boy's room in shades of blue, with football motifs and aeroplanes - or vice versa - because your child should be free to be whoever they want to be. Children's lamps are some of the most fun on the market, with desk, ceiling and sleep lights available in all shapes, sizes and colours.

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Hack #1: Bedroom Lamps for boys

Becoming a pilot, a football player or a policeman are always top of the list for little boys. So, why not make those dreams come true early by adding that theme to their room via ceiling, pendant and table lamps?

An aeroplane as a pendant lamp in the children's room is an eye-catcher that kids and adults will love. And what’s more, the propeller plane can be wonderfully integrated into a bedtime story - let the adventures begin.

Lights and shades with images of footballs or in the shape of dogs add extra fun and playfulness to any boy’s room.

Hack #2: Bedroom Lamps for Girls

It can be a little pink in a girls' room. So, make sure you break up this pink paradise with white, green, and yellow splashes.

With animal motifs, you can collect plus points from most children. So, let brightly coloured horses, frogs, and bees move into your daughter's room.

Fairies, princesses and flowers are still popular choices for girls, even in 2022. So, adding lights with these images will help transform their space into a kingdom far, far away.

Hack #3: Light for doing homework

Learning to write, add numbers, and practice spellings are even more fun with a colourful or themed lamp at your child’s writing desk.

These playful lamps also help children be more creative. Why? Because it gives them to chance to think up stories and worlds of their own, filled with pirates, animals and magical beasts. This makes concentrating much more fun, and the pleasant warm white light ensures they never strain their eyes.

It’s important to set up the desk lamp correctly. It should be placed on the left for right-handers and the right for left-handers. This way, there are no off-putting shadows on their exercise books.

Hack #4: Lights for sleeping

Lots of children are frightened of the dark, with many scared of ghosts or monsters under the bed. So, to make sure your little ones sleep like a baby, adding a cute night light will help keep the demons away.

Night lights are perfect beside a cot but don’t forget a reading lamp on a bedside table for older children too. This allows mum or dad to snuggle up for a cosy bedtime story.

And there are no limits when it comes to bedside lamps, either. Particularly popular with kids are lights that project the moon and stars onto the walls — because their dreams should be limitless.

Hack #5: Cool lamps to give away to kids

There are many ideas for the wish list for a child's birthday party. And a gift that kids will enjoy for a long time are lights attached to a variety of animals or in the shape of pirate ships and bugs.

Trying to think of something original for a children’s party isn’t easy. So, adding lights in the party room create a playful theme. And adding small, inexpensive lights to party bags will bring a smile to everyone's face.

Hot air balloons, pirate ships and ladybirds are fun additions, especially if they fit the theme. And if you’re attending a party, giving them as a present will go down well too.

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