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    Hallway Ceiling Lights

    Which ceiling lights are suitable for the hallway?

    While hallway ceiling lights are practical to prevent trips as you enter your home or use the stairs, they should also blend in with the surrounding decor. In fact, having good hallway lighting is essential because it determines the first impression people have when they step through your front door.

    The best option for hallway lighting is a ceiling light, as it doesn’t make the often narrow passage appear smaller, which can happen if you use table lamps on side tables. If the hallway is spacious and offers appropriate wall connections, wall lights are an excellent alternative.

    lindby mitis led ceiling light
    A good solution for lighting rectangular corridors is multi-bulb spotlights. The lights should be in the middle of the hallway, and a three-bulb spot can be aimed at the area below and across the room. Meanwhile, a four or multi-light model offers more lighting options, like directing a spotlight toward a chest of drawers, for example.
    lindby mendosa led ceiling light round
    A single central hallway ceiling light is a good solution, especially in square hallways. Since corridors can contain accident risks such as stairs and steps, a brightness of 100-150 lm/m² is recommended. If the brightness isn’t sufficient for certain activities, like putting on a coat, adding a mirror with in-built lights is a great space saver.
    lindby kimari led ceiling light
    Smart Home ceiling lights are a modern lighting option in the hallway. The colour-changing light can be adjusted to make it inviting for guests and can be individually tailored to your personal taste. These hallway ceiling lights can also be controlled by an app, so you can walk straight into a safe, well-lit hallway when you get home.
    STEINEL RS D2 V3 LED ceiling lamp brushed steel

    What is the advantage of motion detectors for hallway ceiling lights?

    Ceiling lights for the hallway with motion detectors switch the light on automatically as soon as you enter the hallway. This reduces the risk of accidents because you never forget to switch it on. And because it switches off automatically, you’ll reduce energy waste too.

    Outdoor wall lights, for example, have a detection range determined by a detection angle, whereas the sensor of a round or angular hallway ceiling light often works 360°. This means that the detection distance is specified as the diameter - with the light as the centre.

    Which ceiling lights are suitable for long and/or narrow corridors?

    Regular hallway ceiling lights can occasionally be insufficient to illuminate specific hallway shapes. However, there are efficient and simple solutions for narrow, elongated, and even angled corridors to achieve full-area brightness.

    euluna ceiling multi bulb light
    Multi-bulb ceiling spotlights with a long, thin ceiling canopy are a popular and effective way to achieve full-area lighting in long or narrow hallways.
    arcchio ensar 3 phase track spotlight
    Track and cable systems with precisely placed and aligned spotlights are an even more flexible solution that can adapt to all hallway shapes and sizes.

    Are LED hallway ceiling lights available?

    Yes, absolutely!

    The advantage of LED ceiling lights in the hallway (or anywhere around the home, for that matter) is that you can make high energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional lighting technology. They also have high switching stability, which means they won’t blow if switched on and off repeatedly. This is great because frequent switching on and off of LEDs hardly affects the service life in areas such as the hallway.

    Another advantage of LEDs is when you add a motion detector.


    Because LED light immediately reaches 100% brightness. Therefore, it doesn’t need a start-up time to reach maximum brightness, as was the case with energy-saving bulbs.

    arcchio led-panel brenda cct remote control
    One of the most popular ceiling lighting options is LED Panels. Their width and length can be adjusted to the dimensions of your hallway and their flat design makes even the narrowest corridors appear wider. They’re also easy on the eye, so they won’t dazzle you on entry.
    lindby mairin led ceiling light
    In living rooms and hallways, lights in minimalist, geometric shapes are growing in popularity. These shapes would never have been possible with normal incandescent bulbs. You’ll find designs in all shapes and colours to suit the individual decor in your hallway.

    Do you have further questions about hallway ceiling lights or need advice? Then get in touch with our expert advice service. Just fill in our contact form.

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