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    E14 LED bulbs - the candle bulb that takes care of it all

    e14 led bulb

    The E14 bulb is present in our homes, offices and many public places such as hotels and restaurants, which makes it simply indispensable in the world of lighting. Of course, it was only a matter of time until the E14 base would be upgraded with LED and unlike traditional incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamps and even compact fluorescent lamps, the E14 LED bulb is now state-of-the-art for environmentally and energy-aware consumers.

    How many watts or lumens does my E14 LED bulb require?

    For LED light bulbs, always consider the lumen value which determines the brightness of the product.

    There is still information on the number of watts which shows the electrical power consumption of a bulb. With the rise of highly energy-efficient LED bulbs though, wattage is not that important anymore. What really matters now is the light output of the LED bulb.

    A 60 watt traditional light bulb, for example, has a light output of 806 lumens. A LED bulb with the same light output consumes only 7 – 9w.

    Are you still used to watts when buying a light bulb? No problem at all, we provide a reference value in watts for each light bulb in our shop, just check the technical specifications of the product in question.

    e14 led bulb
    e14 led bulb

    Why does my E14 LED bulb hum?

    If you notice a hum and you use a dimmer, please turn the light off immediately. It may well be that there has been an operational error.

    Either the dimmer is not the right type, or the E14 LED bulb is not dimmable. Please be aware, not every E14 LED is dimmable and if it is, it might not be compatible with the dimmer in use.

    Any questions about choosing the right dimmer? Just get in touch with our specialists, they’re happy to help. Contact information is provided below.

    e14 led bulb

    Can I dim E14 LED bulbs without an external dimmer?

    You don't have to give up on the idea of enjoying a comforting, dimmed light, even if you’re not up for installing an external dimmer. There are E14 LED light bulbs which can be dimmed using the normal light switch – super handy! We recommend the products SceneSwitch light bulbs from Philips or EasyDim E14 LED light bulbs.

    Which colour temperature is best for my E14 LED bulb?

    Consider the colour temperature (expressed in Kelvins) carefully, when purchasing an E14 LED bulb – it has a huge impact on the atmosphere created in a room!

    There are three options to choose from:

    • Less than 3,300 K: Warm white, similar to the colour temperature of a traditional incandescent light bulb and perfect to create a homely ambiance.
    • 3,300 to 5,300 K: Cool white, ideal as bright task lighting, for work areas and offices.
    • More than 5,300 K: Daylight, crisp bright light - perfect for laundries or basements.

    The colour temperature is given in the technical specifications on the product pages, just check for ‘luminous colour’.

    Tip: With adjustable colour temperatures/RGB colours, smart bulbs offer even more options.

    What shapes do E14 LEDs come in?

    There are E14 LEDs...

    • in candle form with a matt bulb, e.g., for pendant lamps
    • in flame tip form, e.g., for chandeliers
    • in drop form, e.g., for table lamps
    • in cylindrical form, e.g., for ceiling lights
    • in tubular form, e.g., for a Christmas star light
    • with reflector, e.g., for a ceiling spotlight

    Are you into retro-style bulbs? No problem, some of our LED bulbs combine modern light technology with an essence of nostalgia, coming in form of an LED filament bulb.

    e14 filament led bulb
    e14 led bulb in a candle shape
    e14 led bulb

    Are E14 LED bulbs suitable for lights with motion sensors?

    LED bulbs are the perfect choice for lights with motion sensor which is mainly due to the fact that LED bulbs have high switching resilience. Frequent turning on and off, as happens automatically with security lights, does not significantly reduce service life. In addition to this, LED bulbs provide 100 % brightness immediately after being turned on.

    e14 led bulb app controlled

    Are there E14 LED lights with remote controls?

    There are lights which can be controlled both via remote control or an app on your smartphone. Functions include:

    • Dimming the brightness
    • Changing the colour temperature
    • RGB colour change
    • Timer function
    • Pre-set lighting effects, such as presence simulations and other automatic lighting scenarios adjusted to your daily routine.

    Want to know more about E14 LED bulbs? Just contact our specialists on +353 1 699 2138 or via the contact form

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