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Work Lights

Make light work

Whether working on a construction site or renovating and rewiring your home. Sometimes, the light you need to work by either isn’t enough - or isn’t there at all. Work lights, either plug-in or battery-powered, give you the flexibility you need to get your work done brightly and safely.

What are work lights?

Work lights are mobile, bright lights that can be set up and placed next to wherever you’re working. This is particularly important if there are no permanently installed lights on-site or if there are too few.

Work lights are suitable for home renovation work and in garages and workshops, as extra light in the right places enables work to be carried out safely.

LEDVANCE work light


Portable, cable-connected work lamps have a convenient carrying handle and a stable foot stand.

Dimmable work light by Paulmann 6.500K

With battery

Rechargeable LED spotlights and hybrid models don’t require a power cord, but might not provide the same brightness.

Tripod worklight

With tripod

Wired work lights with tripods can be optimally aligned but may be less stable in strong winds.

What should I look for when buying work lights?

The situation on-site is what will ultimately decide what type of work lamp you’ll need.

Before purchase, you need to consider:

Brightness: The luminous intensity of a work lamp is specified in lumens (lm). Lumens and watts were easily comparable with halogen bulbs, but this is no longer the case with LED, as the luminous efficacy - the ratio of watts to lumens - varies from product to product.

Therefore, the lumen is the reliable value, with work lights falling into the four- to five-digit lumen range.

Protection against moisture: Work lamps have different moisture protection. For outdoor operation, they must have at least IP44 protection.

With cable: Work lights have different cable lengths, so make sure the cable is long enough for the distance between the available socket and your place of work.

With battery: The work lamp must meet the requirements of the construction site in terms of lumen number and battery runtime. To make sure you’re never left in the dark, it’s advisable to always carry a spare battery.

Work lamp, 50W

Weight: The lighter a work light is, the easier it is to move. However, the stability decreases when used with a tripod. If there’s a risk of strong wind, using a  lamp with more weight and without a tripod is recommended.

Impact resistance: Impact-resistant variants (with a high IK impact resistance grade) reduce the susceptibility to damage, which is essential for construction sites with a high activity level.

Extras: Work lights often come with additional features, including:

  • Models with power bank function

  • Additional sockets

  • Integrated speakers

Portable led work lamp

Even around 1,000 lumens can make working in the dark much easier.

Mobile work lamp Dargo

A portable lamp with IK07 is easy to pick up and move to wherever you need it.

LED work light with speaker

A built-in speaker with a Bluetooth function means bye-bye to your old site radio.

Are work lights with halogen bulbs or LEDs better?

One of the biggest advantages LEDs have over halogen bulbs is the service life of the bulbs. Work lights with halogens last around 2,000 hours, while LEDs last for up to 50,000 hours.

Originally, halogen lights were brighter, but with the evolution of LED technology, this is now more balanced.

Also, LEDs use less power and generate less heat, reducing fire hazards and your carbon footprint.

LED tripod work light

Which brands can I trust for a quality work lamp?

There are many, but personally, we’d recommend three:

  • Brennenstuhl - a specialist in lighting for over 60 years.

  • Ledvance - they’ve been at the forefront of lighting and smart home lights for 100 years.

  • Ledino - a renowned manufacturer with over 30 years of experience.

Do you have further questions about work lights and work lamps? Or anything about light and lighting in general? Then our expert advisors will be happy to help you. Just fill in the contact form.

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