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Production Hall Lighting

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Production Hall Lighting

Why is good production hall lighting so important?

Production hall lighting, including spotlights, directly impacts safety and productivity in the workplace. High-bay lighting makes individuals, obstacles, conveyor belts, goods, and machinery visible. This allows work processes to be carried out more efficiently and reduces the risk of accidents.

Also, high-bay lighting designed for industrial use also positively influences the ability to concentrate in rooms with limited daylight.

This is achievable with a universal white light of 4,000 Kelvin and above.

Light at this level not only slows down the release of the hormone melatonin in the brain but also counteracts tiredness and fatigue.

Pretty cool, right?

LED production hall lighting FLC
Highbay production hall lighting by Siteco

What specifications are needed for high-bay production hall lighting?

Warehouse and production hall lighting with high-bay spotlights is regulated by DIN EN 12464-1. These specify requirements for:

  • Illuminance depending on visual tasks and areas of activity

  • Illuminance, i.e. uniform illumination and spaces between shelves

  • Glare-free, i.e. avoiding direct or reflected glare

  • Light colours and colour rendering for exact visibility of lettering and signs

  • Flicker-free

  • Inclusion of daylight

Unsure if your lighting meets the requirements?

Our lighting experts support companies with the implementation of a technically perfect and standard-compliant lighting system.

Where is LED high bay lighting used?

When it comes to industrial lighting, companies rely more heavily on high-bay LED lights. LED is the best economical and ecological technological alternative compared to other conventional lighting.

  • LED technology brings with it:

    • Lower energy costs: high-bay lights have to shine 24 hours a day. The great news is that the LED version requires up to 60% less energy for the same brightness, which results in 60% cost savings.

    • Longer service life: An LED high-bay light shines for up to 100,000 operating hours, reducing maintenance costs and the time needed to replace defective panels and bulbs. In comparison, a fluorescent bulb only has a service life of 20,000 hours.

    • Robust against external influences: High-bay LED lights usually have a high IK impact resistance, which is essential in production halls, warehouses, and industrial settings, like factories and plants.

    • No switch-on delay: Unlike energy-saving lights, LEDs achieve 100% brightness immediately, significantly reducing the risk of accidents in areas equipped with motion detectors.

High bay production hall lighting Licross by Siteco
Thorn HiPak LED production hall lighting

Do high-bay lights have a higher IP protection rating?

High-bay lighting is constantly exposed to dust, dirt and moisture. For this reason, the bulbs or panels are better protected and have an IP protection rating of IP65 or higher.
A higher degree of protection against temporary or constant submersion may be required - in exceptional cases. 
In instances like these, the professional lighting designers at are on hand to provide you with advice.

Do you have any further questions about production hall lighting and high-bay spotlights? Or about lights and lighting in general? Then our expert advisors will be happy to help you. Just fill in the contact form.

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