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Grow Lights

Let nature make light work

Nature is all around us, but it’s nice to grow plants inside the home too. However, without the proper lighting conditions, plants can soon die off or be attacked by insects and bugs. If you’ve got green fingers, grow lights help you grow your plants without the aid of natural light, whether in the lounge, kitchen - or even the bathroom!

Plant lamps

Why do you need a grow light?

During the darker months and indoors in general, there is a risk of plants not receiving enough daylight. And this lack of light means they’re likely to die or become susceptible to bugs and pests.

Grow lights (or plant lamps as they’re sometimes known) are most commonly used during winter. However, they can also be used for year-round home growing in dark areas as an extension of daylight. Seedlings can be grown earlier in the year (for example, artichokes, aubergines and peppers) and are often used in private homes, flower shops and nurseries.

What is the difference between a grow light and a standard lamp?

For plants to be stimulated to photosynthesis by artificial lighting, special lights are needed. The most important difference between an ordinary lamp and a plant lamp is the colour spectrum, i.e. the composition of the light.

Natural daylight contains all wavelengths. Plants mainly need blue and red light. Grow lights have increased red and blue components, which is why they have a violet glow.

As in other areas of artificial lighting, many plant lamps are now powered by LED, which means that even with longer lighting times, your electricity costs stay low.

Plant light
Grow lights

What should be considered when choosing a grow light?

Grow lights are unique lamps used explicitly for plant growth. The light from these lamps isn’t suitable for lighting living spaces, so you need to consider where you’re going to place them before buying.

If your lamps are used in damp rooms, they’ll need an IP protection class of at least IP65 to protect them from water and moisture.

How long does a grow light have to shine?

This depends entirely on the type of plant you’re trying to grow. Tropical or subtropical plants require 12 to 14 hours of light. And the light requirement will change depending on the stage in the plant's life cycle.

A dark period is also required for most plants. Keeping them lit 24-hours a day won’t necessarily make them grow fast. Just as in the natural world, plants need darkness overnight.

Timers or smart control are recommended for regulating the lighting time of plant lamps.

Do you need good advice on the subject of grow lights / plant lamps? Or do you have another question on the subject of light and lighting? If so, one of our advisers will be happy to help. Just fill in the contact form.

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