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    Clip-on lights: a flexible light source for everyone!

    When you think of clip-on lights, the first thing that comes to mind might be the typical issues in a student room. Neither money, nor space for a bedside table with a bedside table lamp or for under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Well, clip-on lights can help.

    However, there is no need that the old clip-on light ends up languishing in a box when these problems are no longer an issue. Give it a go … there are a number of applications and exciting designs. For instance, you might attach it to a shelf near the changing table when you have children. Affix it to a kitchen cabinet, drawing board or music stand. It can also be stylishly affixed to a bookcase.

    Clip-on lights are no longer a makeshift solution, they are stylish, completely flexible lighting solutions for everyone.

    How do you install clip-on lights?

    There are two reasons why clamp lights are an easy lighting solution:

    1. Only a power point is required, there is no complex installation procedure.
    2. Only a thin mounting surface and no drilling or screwing is required.

    If there is a power point, just insert the plug in the power point and find the appropriate surface on which to “mount” the clamping base or the locking screw. Clip-on lights may be installed:

    • on the edge of a desk for excellent desk lighting
    • on a bed frame, e.g. for a flexible reading light
    • on a music stand, to distinguish a crotchet from a quaver.
    • on cabinets or shelves to showcase them and their contents
    • near pictures to reveal your favourite art in a new light
    clip on light
    clip on desk light
    industrial style clamp light
    clamp light

    Tip: If you are planning to move the clip-on light from time to time (and who doesn’t do that with clip-on lights?), look for a model which has a flexible arm, known as a “gooseneck”. This provides perfect alignment at all times.

    clip on light

    How bright should the clip-on light be?

    A clip-on light does not achieve the light output of a six-bulb ceiling light. Yet it may achieve the light output of a good table lamp - after all, the clip-on light has a great output in a small package. In most cases, equivalents to a 25 or 40 watt traditional light bulb are used in clip-on lights. These produce 230-430 lumens. When choosing a clip-on light with built-in LEDs, look for a value of around 300 lumens under “Light output (in lumens)”. When looking for a new light bulb for a clamp light with a socket, choose a light output of around this value too.

    What lighting technology is used in clip-on lights?

     Clip-on lights with LEDs save electricity much like all other LED lights, and offer all the advantages of this modern lighting technology, including:

    • long life
    • high luminous efficiency
    • instant, 100% light output
    • switching resilience
    • compact design

    Unearthed one of these old clip-on lights from a box in the attic and discovered an old, traditional light bulb in it? Just unscrew this and insert the relevant LED bulb. These save energy from the outset and are great for the environment too.

    clip on desk light

    What “special” clip-on lights are there?

    In your student days, you probably opted for the cheapest of clip-on lights and were reasonably happy with them. As an “adult” fan of clip-on lights, there is more choice. Even the world-famous Artemide Tolomeo is available as a clip-on model.

    In addition to designer clip-on lights, battery-powered clip-on lights are also of interest. No need for a power point which may come in handy for some applications. Also, these have no cables, which pull down the clip-on light, in which you can get tangled up in!

    clip on light artemide
    clip on desk light
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