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    Rustic chandeliers – Eye-catching pieces in a homely country cottage style

    When you hear the ‘term’ cottage, does a cosy house in the countryside come to your mind? Well, we think of much more than that. Even in a city apartment, a contemporary country style chandelier can find its place and create a charming, comfortably furnished, feel-good home.

    rustic chandelier

    What size should a rustic chandelier be?

    You should, of course, keep the dimensions of the room in mind. Your light shouldn’t be too big and bulky, yet also not too small and non-descript. After all, a chandelier ought to be a statement piece!

    Tip: If you want your rustic chandelier to hang over the dining room table, make sure that the chandelier is smaller in diameter than the table itself, otherwise it may look a bit over-the-top.

    Always consider the total light output you’d like to achieve (measured in lumens) too which has an impact on which, and most importantly, how many light bulbs you need. The light output required depends on:

    • the size of the room
    • the colours in the room (light walls reflect the light better)
    • the desired brightness

    How is it hung?

    One thing is crystal clear: your rustic chandelier needs to be hung high enough so no one bangs their head. If it is hung over a table, ensure it doesn’t block your view of the other people sitting around the table. We recommend leaving approx. 60 - 70 cm between the table surface and the edge of the light.

    rustic chandelier with shades
    rustic chandelier with crystal elements

    What is it exactly that characterises a rustic chandelier?

    Country-style chandeliers are characterised by one thing – they feature beautifully rustic looking materials like wood, brass, and metal. You’ve already decided to purchase a rustic chandelier? It is easy to choose your favourite materials in our shop. Just choose the filter “material” and tick what you like.

    Tip: Chandeliers in a rustic farmhouse style go hand in hand with these trendy styles:

    • Shabby chic
    • Vintage style
    • Hygge style

    Which colours are country-style chandeliers available in?

    It goes without saying that country-style chandeliers don’t come in the brightest of colours, but instead in warm, muted tones and metals - for example, white models and chandeliers in chrome, bronze, or copper. Just browse the “colour” filter to see what our shop has to offer.

    Are there any country-style chandeliers which have lampshades?

    Fitting a chandelier with several tiny lampshades is a great design element for cottage style chandeliers. If you have jumped on the lampshade bandwagon, you can switch to the “chandeliers with lampshades” category. Everything in country style will be shown there too, just choose what you prefer.
    rustic chandelier

    Are there any retrofit bulbs that are suitable for the country style?

    What would a contemporary, country-style chandelier be without the latest LED technology? Although still beautiful, chandeliers with traditional bulbs are not half as energy-saving and environmentally friendly as a models with LED bulbs. Switching the LED is easy: LED bulbs have the same standardised sockets as conventional bulbs and therefore fit into standard sockets such as an E14

    Tip: LED flame tip bulbs look authentic and super elegant in rustic style chandeliers.

    Need more advice? No problem at all. Just give us a call on +353 1 699 2138 or use our contact form.

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