Smoked Glass Lights: an Essential Retro Piece

Absolute must-have: Smoked glass pendant light

What makes smoked glass lights so special is their richness of facets and their fascinating, glare-free lighting effect. In terms of design, these special glass lights range from minimalist designs to dramatic styles. They look great in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, and guest rooms. Lights made of smoked glass are stylish eye-catchers above the dining table or kitchen counter, while table lamps or floor lamps made of tinted glass add flair to the reading corner.

Interesting facts about smoked glass

What is smoked glass and what color spectrums are there?

A transparent smoky grey look can be achieved by merging clear glass with metals during the melting process. Depending on the composition, different tints can be achieved, from light grey to deep anthracite or amber. Colour gradients are also possible. The metal components create iridescent light, gently opening up the view of the filament light depending on the intensity of the tint. Double shades, e.g. in the Pille lighting series by Molto Luce, also ensure fascinating light distribution.

Where did the smoked glass trend originate?

The smoked glass trend originated in the 60s and fits perfectly into the popular retro look. With the current comeback of the smoked glass trend, designers are impressively demonstrating what is possible with smoked glass. For example, single-flame and multi-flame models display increasingly playful facets, such as embossed glass with diamond structures or shades with pearls, as in Foscarini's Caboche lighting series. On trend: grooved smoked glass, as in the Greenwich lighting series by Eco-Light.

What can be combined with smoked glass?

Smoked glass lights are not only compatible with a retro look - they go well with a wide variety of furnishing styles from industrial to Scandi to minimalistic. Depending on the design, smoked glass can also make a glamorous appearance or contrast with furnishings made of natural materials. In terms of shape, globes made of smoked glass are just as stylish as cylindrical shapes. Floral or organic designs and smoked grey crystal prisms are also possible - as seen in the Clarissa series by Searchlight.

Smoked Glass Pendant Lights

Delightful single and multi-bulb lights

Glass pendant lights bring elegance to living spaces. Depending on the design and configuration, they are compatible with numerous interior styles: retro and vintage to Scandi and industrial. Hanging lights made of smoked glass are eye-catching and special in the dining room above the table - single bulb or multi-bulbs depending on the table shape and length. Depending on taste, the multi-bulb models can be placed in a single line or at different heights.

Smoked glass pendant lights

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Smoked Glass Ceiling Lights

Exclusivity through iridescent metallic tones

Smoked glass shades add a touch of luxury and glamour to general lighting. Trendy glass lights can appear in elegant combinations with metals, often in shimmering brass and copper tones. The same applies to ceiling lights: while single-bulb models stand proudly on their own and guarantee an eye-catching effect, multi-bulb lights are attractive, but also the advantage of distributing the light optimally in the room. Spotlights can be individually aligned to highlight specific areas with pleasant warm white light.

Smoked glass ceiling lights

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Smoked Glass Table Lamps

Ambient light with a fascinating metallic glow

Decorative must-haves that provide a cosy lighting flair are table lamps made of smoked glass. Versatile options include shades that allow a glare-free view of the nostalgic filament light bulb due to the smoked glass tint. Even when combined with a base, smoked glass lamps are a great match, for example, in the trendy material mixed with marble or terrazzo.

Smoked glass table lamps

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Smoked Glass Floor Lamps

Sixties vibe lighting styles

Floor lamps with tinted shades made of smoked glass lend the living room a cosy 60s-style ambience with their iridescent light. Large, individual shades work just as well as a bundle of many small shades that come from just one frame. Since the metallic shimmering, smoke-grey shade gently reveals the light source, filament lamps are the perfect combination for a nostalgic feel-good style.

Smoked glass floor lamps

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Smoked Glass Wall Lights

Style through exciting reflections

Wall lights made of smoked glass are not only design eye-catchers but also a guarantee for targeted, appealing lighting. Placed next to each other at certain intervals, they can elegantly illuminate staircases and long corridors. Also, individually in living or dining rooms, they provide flair and, depending on the shape and embossing, also exciting reflections on the wall.

Smoked glass wall lights

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Smoked Glass Light Bulbs

Pure nostalgia in retro style

Not only do lampshades made of smoked glass elegantly reveal the view of nostalgic filament bulbs through their transparent look. Filament lights can come directly with smoked glass bulbs and thus make the lampshade dispensable. Multi-bulb bundles of retro lights are just as warm and cosy as single bulb lights- hanging in a socket or, for example, as a stylish table lamp with a concrete base in industrial chic.

Smoked glass LED light bulbs

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