Smart Home Thermostats

Smart Home Thermostats

How do Smart Home thermostats work?

Smart Home thermostats communicate wirelessly via a radio bridge belonging to the system, which is connected to your WiFi. This system allows you to have access your smart heating system from any location via an app. Many systems also offer voice control with Apple's Siri, Amazon Echo or Google Assistant — great for giving your fingertips a rest!

Eve Thermo Smart radiator thermostats

Smart radiator thermostats regulate the temperature automatically. Location recognition of the occupants and related automation is also possible.

Eve Thermo Smart radiator thermostats

Recorded data allows for precise, efficient use and personalised programming of the heating system. This saves you money long-term and makes the system more eco-friendly.

Eve Thermo Smart radiator thermostats

Manual control is a handy feature on a Smart Home radiator thermostat. These are often operated by pushing buttons or, in the traditional way, via a mechanical rotary dial.

How can I upgrade my heating to Smart Home?

Smart radiator thermostats are a must when replacing your conventional radiator thermostat. Like a standard thermostat, the smart versions are also mounted on the radiator (so you will not have to learn anything new). And if that wasn’t enough, smart alternatives to room thermostats, like underfloor heating, are also available.

If you’re considering the switch, our advice section explains how easy it is to upgrade to smart heating.

Rademacher DuoFern
Smart radiator thermostats are often supplied with adapters that are compatible with the most common valves. Detailed instructions are available for installation.
Rademacher DuoFern

The advantages of installing smart heating control are possible everywhere - even in rented flats. When you move out, just take the thermostats with you - simple!

Rademacher DuoFern

A smart home thermostat makes the heating system intelligent as it replaces the standard wall thermostats of the underfloor heating.

Which manufacturers offer smart heating control?

Many manufacturers offer smart home thermostats. Choosing the suitable option depends on whether you already have a smart system and want to expand it with smart heating control.

If you don’t have a smart home system, you can select the smart thermostat according to whichever functions you want to use, for example, smart burglary protection or blind control.

Smart Home Thermostats

The most popular Smart systems include:

  • Homematic IP – For complete home coverage with over 100 options
  • Eve – For the large smart home range exclusively for Apple HomeKit
  • Rademacher – For intelligent control in every area
  • Schellenberg – For home automation and security

Do you have further questions about Smart Home thermostats? Or about light and lighting? Then our expert advisors will be happy to help you. Just fill in the contact form.

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