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Titus LED deck light 32 W - pivotable €731.90 Delivery time: 3-5 working days
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Recessed floor lights for outdoors – subtle appearance with great light effect

Recessed floor lights are small lights that combine subtle appearance with great light effect. They’re not about the limelight; that much is clear - recessed floor lights are all about subtle understatement and fitting in seamlessly.

patio light

How are recessed floor lights installed?

Always seek advice from your electrician – it will save you a lot of time, effort and stress. Please keep in mind: if you’re looking for a flexible solution, you should opt for lights to go or at least for practical solar lights with a ground spike. Recessed floor lights are not known for their flexibility in terms of positioning. If you opt for these, you need to be sure that you want the lights to stay in the same place for a long period of time – after all, they have a very close connection with the ground and this is not easy to change.

They can be fitted in a wide range of surfaces, especially outdoors. They are often found in (wooden) terraces, in paving, in flowerbeds, in gravel and also on lawns. And, no matter the surface, each of the lights must be properly installed. There are versions that you can walk over and versions that can be driven over. Choose the right one depending on what you are going to use the lights for.

Can you get LED recessed floor lights?

LED lighting technology is enjoying great success, both indoors and out. And rightly so! Recessed floor lights are, of course, no exception. You can still choose between halogen generally require GU10 light bulbs and LED bulbs. However we recommend choosing LED bulbs over halogen since modern LED technology benefit both your purse and the environment. Another advantage offered by LEDs: they often come with the light bulb built in. This means that you can enjoy the finest light for many years without having to worry about how you remove the light to change the light bulb.

What shape do recessed floor lights come in?

Round or rectangular – these are your basic options, but there are many variations on this theme. They are available with larger or smaller diameters, as squares or as rectangles.

Recessed floor lights are lights that, once installed, are inextricably linked with the architecture of the garden, the driveway or the garden path. The lower part of the recessed floor light – which is generally round or rectangular – is embedded in the ground, depending on the installation depth. The upper part of the outdoor light, which generally has a stainless-steel frame, sits more or less flush with the ground (give or take a few millimetres). Collision hazard? Not a problem with recessed floor lights! The aforementioned stainless-steel frame is decisive for the design and, as you may have already guessed, tends to be either round or rectangular. It is up to you which of these two versions you choose for your garden.

recessed floor light garden

drive over light installation

drive over light installation

Can you use recessed floor lights to stage the garden and property?

It doesn’t matter if your recessed floor lights are round or square: the light fixture fades into the background, especially when it is dark; instead it is the light emitted that shines brightly. The crucial thing is what the recessed floor light will be used for – perhaps for practical reasons; perhaps to create a specific ambience.

recessed floor light outdoors

Practical reasons may include illuminating the driveway entrance or the steps by the door. You can use lighting to stage almost anything. After all, every plot features lovely corners. Whether it be in the garden, on the building itself or along the garden paths. When it is dark, they simply disappear, rather than being beautifully lit up.

A recessed floor light – often used as part of a set with several similar lights – provide light, yet the source of the light remains in the background. Instead, the focus is on that which is being illuminated and which is now visible in the darkness. The result is a sophisticated mix of light and shade. As such, popular locations for recessed floor lights include flowerbeds, e.g. to illuminate an external wall, the terrace, garden paths or even the garden itself to light up trees and shrubs.

Can outdoor recessed floor lights be driven over?

Stainless steel is the preferred material used to manufacture a strong recessed floor light for use outdoors. Lights of this type can be easily installed in core holes or holes in the top layer of the substrate. You can even drive over them with a vehicle with air-filled tyres. Depending on the required installation situation, you can also get recessed floor lights, which are installed with a housing or that simply “float”, e.g. on gravel, on lawns, in flowerbeds or in paved areas. You can drive over these with a vehicle with air-filled tyre, too.

There is, however, a difference between a huge tractor and a small moped. You need to check the maximum load and the speed at which you can drive over when choosing the lights. You can find this information on the product itself or by contacting our team of experts.

Are outdoor recessed floor lights waterproof?

Dirt, dust, insects, sun, heat, snow, ice, rain … recessed floor lights may get in from all sides! That is why these lights always come with a high IP code. IP65, 67 or even 68 – in other words, dustproof and protected against water jets or intermittent or continuous submersion – tend to be the standard. As such, when buying recessed floor lights for use outdoors, always check the location and weather conditions in the intended location, choose the appropriate IP code for the light, and only then make your purchase.

In addition to an appropriate IP code, always make sure that you use high-quality underground cables when installing your recessed floor lights. Otherwise, water can penetrate the lights after just a short period, and then they will be useless to you. You should also ensure effective drainage and a suitable gravel bed for drainage.

recessed floor lights water proof

Are you now thinking, “Yes, but for me it is like this...” Don’t panic! Our team of experts are on hand to help you with recessed floor lights and water, and lots of other things. Simply pick up the phone and call the number below or write us a message. We will turn your questions into answers and, eventually, into an illuminated garden that will make all your neighbours turn green with envy.

Can you get outdoor recessed floor lights with solar technology?

Solar energy for lights that are recessed into the ground works perfectly and is a very popular choice, especially in the private sector. The solar cells sit where the bulb sits and the light projects and absorbs the sun’s rays from this position.

recessed patio light

recessed floor light outdoors

The main advantage of solar technology: you don’t need to dig up the whole garden to lay cables. As there are no cables linking to your electricity supply, there are no extra items on your electricity bill that need to be paid for. A built-in twilight sensor controls the light as if by magic. The light duration depends on the rechargeable battery and on the sun that charges the solar cells. Here we come to the crux of the matter: if the rechargeable battery is empty or not properly charged – perhaps because it has been covered in dirt by the dog playing in the garden – the light duration will be reduced as a result or doesn’t shine at all.

Our tip: If your light is required for safety reasons – because otherwise you wouldn’t see the wall when entering your garage, for example – it is highly recommended that you use lights with a fixed power supply. It will help your car, the wall and your nerves!

recessed floor light outdoors

Can you get recessed floor lights with a motion detector?

Generally speaking, you can’t get a recessed floor lights with a built-in motion detector. But don’t worry, there is an alternative. Most recessed floor lights can be operated using an external motion detector – located on the house wall, for example. The main benefit: the light switches itself on when someone approaches the detection range.

Looking for another alternative? How about a recessed floor light with a twilight sensor? This is not as flexible as a motion detector but no less practical. This light automatically switches on when the brightness level in the garden falls below a certain value and turns itself off again when the brightness level returns. Check the item description to find out if your light of choice comes with this type of sensor.

Are recessed floor lights for outdoors dimmable too?

Yes they are, depending on the model, you are able dim your recessed floor lights on the terrace or on your driveway. Check the product details to find out if the lights that you have your sights set on can be dimmed. If it says “Dimmable – Yes”, then you are ready to dim away. Just keep in mind that in addition to your dimmable recessed floor light, you also need a compatible external dimmer.

A compatible external dimmer? “Which dimmer goes with which light?!” I can hear you asking yourself. Don't worry. Our customer service experts can answer these questions! Simply call the number below or send us a message.

Can you get outdoor recessed floor lights with a low installation depth?

Yes, you can. These lights are, however, generally used for decorative purposes which means that you can’t walk over them and definitely can’t drive over them. They are primarily for accent lighting; to highlight the summer house, the external house wall, garden shrubs – or whatever it is that you wish to light up. The installation depth is listed in the product details.

If you want more than just a decorative light, you will have other requirements for your recessed floor light: the housing is generally larger and more stable. In both cases, pay attention to the correct installation. It is always a good idea to consult your electrician.

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