Illuminated House Numbers

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Illuminated House Numbers

Your numbers up (in lights)

Illuminated house numbers make it easier for guests, taxi drivers, takeaways, postmen, couriers and emergency services to find you.

But if we’re being brutally honest, the real reason for lighting your house numbers is much simpler: they make your house look sensational.

Illuminated house number by Paulmann

Does your house number have to be illuminated?

Unless you happen to live in a strict, gated community with set rules, it’s not mandatory for house numbers in the UK to be lit up.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a fabulous idea.

What are the benefits of house number lights with motion detectors?

The main benefit of illuminated house numbers with a motion detector is they save energy.

However, it’s advisable to choose a product that always illuminates your house numbers and only operates as an additional light source via a motion detector.


Because if the house number is only illuminated when movement is detected, visitors will already be at the entrance.

A better idea, if you’re keen to save energy, is to choose illuminated house numbers with a twilight sensor. This ensures your light switches on automatically when darkness falls and switches off again when the sun comes up.

Illuminated house number by Wofi
Silver illuminated house number by Esotec

How are illuminated house numbers powered?

Most illuminated house numbers are powered with LEDs, which use significantly less energy than other bulbs.

Other options are available too - like solar-powered lights.

But be aware, when installing your solar panel make sure it is neither covered by a canopy or in the shadow of a nearby house or tree - otherwise, the battery will not absorb enough energy to power the light.

Are house number lights available in different designs?

Similar to exterior wall lights, illuminated house lights are available in several styles.

From easy-care, heat-resistant stainless steel to coal-coloured metal and glass.

Whatever your preference, you’ll find the perfect design to suit the exterior of your home in our range of illuminated house number lights.

Black house number light by Lucide

Do you have any further questions about illuminated house numbers or any other topic related to house number lights? If so, our friendly team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have. Call today on +353 1 699 2138 or contact us via email.

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