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    Decorative Outdoor Lights

    Bright ideas for your garden, terrace or balcony

    Looking to add a splash of colour or creative talking point to your garden, terrace or balcony?

    Then our decorative outdoor lights are the answer.

    With loads of options to choose from, including spheres, fairy lights and earth skewers, whatever you choose, your outdoor space will soon be the talk of the neighbourhood — and beyond.

    Which decorative outdoor lights are the most popular in the garden?

    The winner is… the sphere!

    Whether you’re looking for a ball of white light or something in a range of different colours, a sphere will enrich any garden with a touch of class.

    Other popular outdoor lights include our range of cubes, earth skewers and string fairy lights — a must for any outdoor paradise.

    decorative outdoor light sphere
    decorative outdoor fairy lights

    Which decorative lights are suitable for hanging outside?

    Without a doubt, the classic fairy light.

    If you thought they were only used for Christmas decoration, think again!

    Fairy lights can be hung from trees, walls, balconies and canopies all year round, adding atmosphere to a summer garden party and a delicate beauty during the winter months.

    What are Light-to-Go lamps?

    Light-to-Go lamps are rechargeable, wireless lamps.

    And, as they don’t require a power connection, there’s no messy cabling, which means they can be placed anywhere, from the darkest depths of the longest garden to a wall-mounted hook on a terrace or balcony.

    However, please be aware Light-to-Go products have a significantly lower IP rating than most outdoor lighting, so it’s advisable these lights are not kept outside on a permanent basis - especially during the wetter months.

    Which technology is used in decorative outdoor lights?

    The main technologies used in decorative outdoor lighting these days are solar and LED.

    The most flexible of these is solar as, without the need to lay cabling, you can place your lights anywhere.

    LED lights, although less flexible, are energy-efficient, have long battery life and give you the option of different effects, including colour changes.

    decorative outdoor light cube
    decorative outdoor light

    What should I consider when buying decorative outdoor lights?

    The most important thing you need to check when purchasing any outdoor lighting is the degree of Ingress Protection (IP).


    Because every outdoor light is exposed to weather, and it also makes a difference whether the light is protected by a roof or canopy, located in the open or placed near a garden pond.

    Most permanent outdoor lights have a minimum IP44 rating. However, the closer lights are to water (remember the pond?), the higher the degree of protection needs to be.

    Please note: Many Light-to-Go products have a lower degree of protection than permanent outdoor lighting, so it’s advisable to bring these lights inside during bad weather.

    If you’re unsure, please contact our advice team.

    Digit IPX4Solid particle protection
    0 No protection
    1 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 50 mm
    2 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 12,5 mm
    3 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 2,5 mm
    4 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 1 mm
    5 Dust protected
    6 Dust tight
    Digit IP4XLiquid ingress protection
    0 No protection
    1 Protection against dripping water (vertically falling drops)
    2 Protection against dripping water when tilted at 15°
    3 Protection against spraying water
    4 Protection against splashing of water
    5 Protection against water jets
    6 Protection against powerful water jets
    7 Protection against temporary immersion
    8 Protection against continuous immersion

    Would you like to learn more about our decorative outdoor lights or any other topic related to outdoor lights and lighting? Then our expert advice service will be happy to help you — by telephone on +353 1 699 2138 or by using the contact form.

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