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    Living room ceiling lights

    Which ceiling lights are suitable for the living room?

    Living room ceiling lights are the main light source in the room. Alternatives to regular ceiling lights include modern LED panels that provide wide-area lighting and multi-bulb ceiling spotlights. It is important to align the spotlights so that all areas of your room are evenly lit. If done correctly, you can avoid being dazzled by glaring light when sitting on the sofa.

    Metal ceiling light Gerwina by Lindby

    Regular ceiling lights can be perfectly matched to the style oft he room.

    LED-Panel Brenda CCT with remote control

    LED panels provide glare-free light for large areas.

    Lindby LED-multi bulb light
    Multi-bulb ceiling spotlights can be aligned to light every area of a room.

    How bright do living room ceiling lights need to be?

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to give a definite answer about the brightness requirements of ceiling lights in the living room. Why? Because not only does it rely on personal preference, light reacts differently depending on wall colour, layout, furniture and room structure. We would suggest going for 140 lumens per m² as a guideline.

    Which living room ceiling lights are modern?

    A whole range of furnishing styles are in vogue today. The reduced, modern minimalist look, which is expressed in filigree ceiling lights with built-in LEDs, is becoming increasingly popular. Natural chic with wooden elements and the rustic, casual charm of industrial chic are also bestsellers for ceiling lights in the living room. Check out our inspiration section for more modern lighting ideas.

    Lindby Mairin LED ceiling light
    Canyana rattan ceiling light
    Black ceiling light Aylis

    Are there dimmable ceiling lights for the living room?

    Many ceiling lights can be dimmed via an external dimmer. However, paying attention to a dimmable light and installing the appropriate dimmer is necessary.

    LED ceiling lights come with a permanently installed dimmer, which means the living room ceiling light can be dimmed from the sofa via remote control. Smart home lights and bulbs are similar, as they allow you to play with several functions, such as dimming and colour changing, via a smartphone app.

    To remote-controlled dimmable lights page.

    Lindby Emiva LED remote control

    Which bulbs are recommended for living room ceiling lights?

    Ceiling lights in the living room are one of the most used lights in the home. For this reason, modern LEDs are the ideal option as they consume up to 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Also, LEDs have a service life of up to 50,000 hours, compared to incandescents which only last up to 1,000 hours.

    So, once you’ve installed LED bulbs, it’ll be a long time before you have to change them again.

    Ceiling light fridolin metal

    LED filament bulb that looks like an incandescent

    LED spotlight Filiz
    LED light with a matt bulb
    Pendant light Mirro
    Indirectly illuminated head mirror lamp
    Lindby Mirka LED ceiling light

    Directional GU10 LED spotlights

    How do I convert my living room ceiling lamp to LED?

    Conversion to LED is possible simply by replacing the light bulb. By doing so, you retrofit smart home lights, which opens up a lot of different lighting functions, including dimming and colour changing. The result? You turn your living room lighting from one glaring light into an individual, customised and ever-changing lighting experience.

    Do you have further questions about living room ceiling lights? Or about light and lighting? Then our expert advice will be happy to help you. Just fill in the contact form.

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