R7s LED Bulbs

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R7s LED Bulbs

The long-life alternative to R7s halogen bulbs

R7s LED bulbs not only last longer than their halogen alternatives, but they’re also energy saving, which means you’ll save a pretty penny on electricity costs too.

And with a higher colour rendering and a softer, cosier light than halogen bulbs, once you switch to LED bulbs, you'll be a fan for life.

What are R7s bulbs?

R7s bulbs were originally halogen linear bulbs, which have a base on both sides and recessed contacts and are used in both indoor and outdoor lights.

With wattages in the several thousand, and light distribution of 360°, R7s halogen bulbs provide floodlighting that can be used to light up buildings and sports stadiums  They’re used to operate powerful industrial site spotlights too.

R7s halogen bulbs really come into their own in the home, where they’re used in ceiling, pendant and wall lights, as well as uplighters.

R7s bulbs are available in lengths of 78 mm, 118 mm and 189 mm. And with their brilliant light, dimmability (where available) and high colour rendering, R7s halogen bulbs are unrivalled.

R7S led bulb
pendant light pirce by artemide

Where are R7s LED bulbs used instead of halogen bulbs?

The R7s base, which has become rarer than, for example, E27, E14 or G9, is now used mainly for designer domestic lighting.

Well-known designer lamps which use R7s bulbs include:

  • Pirce by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà (Artemide)

  • Lola by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto (Luceplan)

  • Caboche by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto (Foscarini).

And some older uplighters and outdoor lights also use the R7s LED bulb.

The good news is: the right R7s LED bulbs can be used with all of these lights.

However, when used in professional environments, e.g. in industry, R7s LED bulbs have one limitation compared to R7s halogen bulbs: due to the thin and short, rodlike construction, there isn’t enough surface area available to place the number of LEDs it would need to generate a similarly high luminous flux as halogen bulbs.

R7s LED bulbs cannot, therefore, achieve the same high-maximum brightness as R7s halogen bulbs.

By way of comparison, an industrial light fitted with an R7s halogen bulb could, for example, produce 30,000 lumens with a wattage of 1,500 W. A similar brightness wouldn’t be possible with R7s LED bulbs.

But there’s a bright side.

With R7s LED bulbs, for example, 2,500 lumens are achieved with a power consumption of around 15-20 watts, which is more than enough power for lighting your home.

What are the advantages of converting from halogen to R7s LED bulbs?

Replacing conventional R7s halogen bulbs with LED alternatives results in longer service life, improved colour rendering, a comfortable light colour of <3,300 Kelvin and significant energy savings.

Please note: If you need your light to be dimmable, special dimmable R7s LED bulbs are available. And be aware, not all LED bulbs are dimmable.

Would you like to learn more about R7s LED bulbs? Or any other topic related to LED and dimmable R7s bulbs? If so, our friendly team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have. Call today on +353 1 699 2138 or contact us via email.

uplighter jovina with R7S led bulb
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