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Outdoor LED spotlights: Optimal illumination outdoors

To illuminate outdoor areas, a whole different kind of light is required. Indoors, light is reflected off the ceiling and walls to create an ambient lighting effect, but the same does not apply outside. This is where outdoor LED spotlights come into play!

How are outdoor LED spotlights connected?

If there’s a cable that needs wiring, electricians ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely, installing the lights for you and allowing you to enjoy optimal lighting without the stress.

When it comes to outdoor spike lights, which usually work using a plug – or if powered by solar energy require no cable at all – installation is much easier. You can move them around at ease and try out as many placements as you like. As long as the soil is soft enough to insert the spike, your flowerbeds or house façade.

You can even plug spike lights into path lights that have additional power sockets, eliminating the need for a long extension cable.

led outdoor lights

led outdoor lights

led outdoor lights

Which IP code does an outdoor LED spotlight require?

Most LED spotlights that are wall-mounted outdoors are rated IP44. This indicates protection against solid objects that are greater than or equal to 1mm and against water splashing from any direction.

However, the IP code must always correspond to the place of use. For example, spotlights near ponds must have IP67 protection (against temporary submersion). For contact with water, IP68 may even be necessary.

Want to learn more before you buy an outdoor LED spotlight? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists. You can find their contact information below.

led outdoor lights

How many watts does an outdoor LED spotlight require?

It really depends on the product. One thing’s for sure though – it has nothing to do with brightness. This is because the luminous efficacy of LEDs varies significantly. For example, 48 W can generate a brightness of over 4,000 lumens in some high-quality LED spotlights, but other outdoor LED spotlights may consume significantly more power and generate less brightness. The deciding factor is always the quality of the LEDs.

To generate 2,000 lumens of brightness, a typical outdoor LED spotlight requires around 20 W, but this differs depending on the model and the quality of the LEDs.

To see how bright one of our outdoor LED spotlights is, check the “Light output (in lumens)” value provided for each LED product in our shop.

How bright should an outdoor LED spotlight be?

This depends on what the spotlight is to be used for. Illuminating a tree or a small flowerbed is radically different to illuminating an entire carpark.

Thankfully, however, the choice of products is as broad as the options you have for brightness. From 12 lumen LED spotlights for flowerbeds, to high-performance spotlights with 4,000 lumens or more – we have it all.

For a typical garage entrance, a spotlight with 700 to 1,600 lumens is recommended. Steinel’s XLED series of high-quality outdoor LED spotlights are a suitable option.

led outdoor lights

led outdoor lights

Why is LED technology the best option?

In summary, LEDs are:

  • more environmentally friendly due to their high luminous efficacy
  • largely maintenance-free thanks to their long service life
  • suitable for motion detectors because they provide 100% brightness immediately
  • more convenient, as they do not require frequent replacement

Do any outdoor LED spotlights have permanent light options?

Yes, most ground spike lights provide permanent illumination – outdoor LED spotlights without motion detectors certainly do.

Lights with built-in motion detectors, such as those used at a driveway entrance, are designed for maximum efficiency and switch on only as needed.

Tip: Carefully consider whether you want permanent illumination or simply a light that switches on automatically by means of a motion detector.

led outdoor lights

led outdoor lights

What are the best materials when it comes to high-quality outdoor LED spotlights?

Most outdoor LED spotlights are exposed to different weather conditions every day of the year and must be able to withstand a lot. As with other outdoor lights, stainless steel as well as high-quality processed plastics are highly robust materials. With brands such as Osram and STEINEL, the best quality is guaranteed.

Do outdoor LED spotlights have additional features?

Some of the additional functions and features you may find beneficial include:

  • Changing the colour of the light using a remote control. iDual products allow this without needing a Wi-Fi connection
  • Programming light routines to make it appear as though someone is home, an option available with PHILIPS Hue’s smart home outdoor solutions
  • Always know who’s on your doorstep with camera lights from Lutec or STEINEL’S CAM light, intercom system included

led outdoor lights

Do you still have questions about outdoor LED spotlights, IP codes, materials or smart home functions? Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists by calling +353 1 699 2138 or filling out our contact form.*

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