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    Kid’s Wall Lights

    Cool lighting - for children of all ages

    Kid’s wall lights are so much fun. Whether in the shape of an animal, rocket ship or with a cool print from your child’s favourite TV show, our range is packed with something your kids will adore.

    Unleash the child inside and pick up something that’s perfect for your child’s room - or maybe just because you find it adorably irresistible!

    Kids wall lamp by Waldi

    What do I need to consider when installing wall lights in a children's room?

    While you (and your child) are free to choose between cute animals, colourful cars, awesome pirate ships and exciting space scenes when it comes to design, some precautions are recommended when installing wall lights in children's rooms.

    These include:

    • Checking cables and sockets regularly for damage
    • Making it impossible for your child to touch hot lamps
    • Removing any cloth or paper added to the shade by a child as this poses a fire risk

    Avoiding glass wall lamps as they can break and cause severe injury if broken

    Which materials should be used in kid's wall lights?

    Unbreakable plastic lamps should always be used to prevent glass and metal parts from injuring or being swallowed by children.

    Energy-saving lamps, while great for the environment, is a big no-no in children's rooms as they contain mercury, which can escape if they’re broken accidentally.

    When it comes to lighting quality, you’re looking for something cosy. So, make sure you choose lamps with a warm white colour temperature of around 2,700 Kelvin.

    Oh, and children love colours!

    They love dressing up or painting, so look for a lamp with a colour rendering index rating at least Ra 80.

    LED lamps are the ideal choice to light a child's room. Not only are they energy-efficient, which is important, but they’re also switch-friendly, which means frequent switching on and off won’t lead to a bulb blowing or your child receiving a nasty shock!

    Childrens wall lamp by Dalber
    Childrens plug in wall lamp by Niermann

    How bright should wall lamps in a child's room be?

    The brightness of a wall lamp in a child’s bedroom will depend on how you intend the light to be used.

    For example, to improve the general lighting in the room or to direct a spotlight-like light onto an area, a bulb of 400 lumens or more is recommended. But where the wall light is mainly decorative, a bulb with fewer lumens will do.

    Room size and different lampshade thickness are a major factor in brightness too, so bear in mind the following when lighting your child’s room:

    • A 40 W incandescent bulb is around 400 lumens
    • A 60 W incandescent bulb is around 800 lumens

    With modern LED lights, it’s essential to pay attention to the lumen specification.

    Are there kid's wall lights with plugs?

    If you have no fixed electrical connection on the wall, children's wall lights with plugs are available.

    All you’ll need is a power socket and a wall mounting.

    Please note: If you choose a wall light with a plug, please make sure you check the cable regularly for signs of wear and tear.

    Kids plug in wall lamp by Niermann
    Kids wall lamp by Eglo

    Do you sell nightlights to help my child fall to sleep?


    Our nightlights are ideal for a child's room because they give off a cosy light that has a positive impact on the sleep-wake cycle.

    Nightlights also offer a sense of security for your child and best of all, scare away the monsters under the bed!

    How high should I hang wall lights in a children's room?

    In a living room, for example, it is advisable to install the lamp at a height slightly above eye level, i.e. around 1.70 to 1.80 m.

    A child’s room is much different as you have to make sure the light from the lamp doesn’t dazzle your child, whether sitting, lying down or standing up.

    However, many products have lampshades or coverings, which significantly reduces or eradicates glare.

    As long as the wall light cannot burn a child’s hands due to the shade or covering, then you are free to hang wall lights in a children’s room much lower than in the lounge.

    Childrens wall lamp by Dalber

    Would you like to learn more about kid’s wall lights? Or any other topic related to wall lights? If so, our friendly team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have. Call today on +353 1 699 2138 or contact us via email.

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