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Kid's table lamps

Lighting up your child’s life

Whether painting, playing, reading or doing homework, your child shouldn't have to squint to see what they’re doing, which makes investing in a kid’s table lamp is a must.

Nobody likes the glare of a ceiling lamp, which is why our range of kid’s table, desk and bedside lamps allows your child to get on with being creative, or doing boring homework, in a warm and cosy light.

kids clamp light by niermann

How bright should a kid's table lamp be?

Children love to play (and do their homework) in their bedroom, so a kid’s lamp needs to be more than a bit of decoration, it has to be practical too.

To make sure your children aren’t straining their eyes while reading, writing, colouring-in or playing, the bulb should be at least 400-500 lumens.

What light colour is recommended for table lamps in a child's room?

The colour of the bulb in a children’s table lamp depends on where in the room it’s used, and what it’s used for.

If the lamp is placed by the bed for reading purposes, a warm white light colour, less than 3,300 Kelvin, is advisable for relaxation and cosiness.

On a study desk, however, a universal white light between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin is recommended to allow your child to study without having to squint due to low light.

Please note: Some table lamps are supplied without bulbs, so you’ll need to order the appropriate bulb in these instances.

kids table lamp by dalber

Why is a good bedside lamp in the children's room so important?

A bedside lamp performs a lot of tasks in a child's room. From being the perfect light to read, play or study by, to being a simple, cosy night light your child can easily drop off to sleep with.

The light should be glare-free, which is usually provided by a colourful shade.

And as a special tip, we recommend installing touch dimmers, which means, instead of looking for the light switch, you or your child can simply touch your table lamp to adjust its brightness.

You’ll never want to do without a dimmer again!

childrens table lamp by elobra

Which light bulbs are suitable for room table lamps?

A kid's table lamp must be safe, so make sure you never use glass bulbs. Shatter-resistant plastic bulbs must be used at all times.

And you should also avoid using energy-saving light bulbs too, as these contain mercury.

When it comes to lighting, we recommend using LED bulbs, which are not only durable and switchable, but they save you up to 90% on electricity compared to incandescent bulbs (handy when you discover your child has left a lamp on during broad daylight!).

With LED bulbs, you should make sure they provide a warm, cosy white light with a colour temperature of less than 3,300 Kelvin. Lamps with a brightness of 400 lumens or more are common in children’s table lamps.

However, if they’re for decorative purposes only, and not used for work or reading, lamps with a lower lumen grading can also be used.

kids tripod table lamp by macodesign

Would you like to learn more about our kid’s table lamps? Or any other topic related to children’s desk or bedside lamps? If so, our friendly team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have. Call today on +353 1 699 2138 or contact us via email.

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