Thomas Rebmann | Founder and CEO of Lampenwelt, the parent company of

Thomas Rebmann has been the founder and CEO of Lampenwelt since 1999. With increasing continuous growth, the company has become known as the house of brands and the one-stop shop for lights and lamps in over 17 countries. The company offers professional lighting solutions, leading international design brands, and much more.

"Our mission is, to improve people's quality of life and well-being through good lighting."

What is the mission for

"Our mission is to improve people's quality of life and well-being through good lighting. Perfect lighting consists of more than just brightness. Lighting is adaptable to each activity or scenario. Lights have the power to transform rooms, create a needs-based ambience, generate emotions and, last but not least, inspire. Our goal is to inspire our customers and always offer the right product for their individual needs and tastes.“

"In the hands of a designer light comes to life.“

What effect do designer lights achieve?

"In the hands of a designer, light comes to life. They bring fresh ideas to the design. Often, new ideas are inspired by something missing from the market. Living spaces can include creativity, fantasy, and a warm individual atmosphere. Customers enjoy refined details and comfort. Just think of the works of Ingo Maurer, the breathtaking designs of Dima Longinoff for Axolight or even multi-talented lights, e.g. by FLOS, which also have a shelf for the notebook and a USB connection.“

"Technology never stands still even with lighting“

How much does progress in lighting technology influence design?

"LED, in particular has strongly influenced lighting design. Due to technology, new lighting shapes are possible today, e.g. flat LED panels or very filigree geometric shapes. Of course, improved energy efficiency and longevity is also an important factor for a more sustainable approach to our environment. Thanks to LED, we can look forward to countless other design highlights - and technology never stands still in lights.“

"I prefer modern, high-quality lights with a certain element of surprise.“

Which style do you particularly like?

"Personally, I am very open when it comes to styles. However, I prefer modern, high-quality luminaires with a certain element of surprise. Today, permanently installed LEDs allow for breathtaking, novel designs that I like to be inspired by. I also have a preference for Italian and Scandinavian classics."

"It is no exaggeration to say that with designer lighting, the customer purchases a product that will accompany them for decades.“

What special value does a genuine designer light offer?

"It is no exaggeration that customers acquire a product that will accompany them for decades. The high quality of a Luceplan light by Paolo Rizzatto or the Danish light manufacturers Le Klint, for example, contributes to long-term value retention. This means that design classics are always also sustainable products."

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