Indoor Lighting Bathroom

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    Bathroom lamps:

    turn your bathroom into a convenient and relaxing living space!

    The bathroom deserves a few good lamps. It is not just a room where you tidy yourself up, wash yourself and brush your hair. It is a space where we live.

    Does this sound a little over the top? Then try to put on your make-up or to shave without good mirror lighting or to not trip over the full laundry basket without a proper ceiling lamp.

    The bathroom becomes a real living area thanks to the small but subtle extras in the lighting. Here we are talking about dimmable LED panels that come with EasyDim technology or smart LED bathroom lights with colour change function.

    Which lighting is best for bathrooms?

    The bathroom is a living area – even if you might think that the bathroom has nothing in common with a living room. Just like every other living space, the bathroom should have lamps which provide at least general and local lighting:

    • general lighting for orientation
    • local lighting for specific visual tasks, such as putting on make-up or shaving