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    GU10 bulbs

    Whether you’re already familiar with GU10 bulbs or an absolute beginner to the world of light bulbs - this practical guide will tell you everything you need to know!

    GU10 bulb

    What exactly does GU10 mean?

    GU10 stands for the light bulb base of a high-voltage reflector bulb. GU10 bulbs have a twist and lock base with two little pins. The distance between these pins, you might have guessed, is 10 mm.

    Are GU10 and GZ10 compatible?

    There is a small, subtle difference between these base types. In GU10 bases, the lower edge of the base is sloping, which is not the case with GZ10 bases. This means that GU10 bulbs fit all GZ10 sockets, but not vice versa.

    GU10 bulb

    What beam angle do GU10 bulbs have?

    The beam angle in GU10 bulbs vary from medium to wide. Need precise information? Details can be found on the packaging and in the technical details in our web-shop.

    Are there dimmable GU10 LED bulbs?

    Like a cosy ambience? Then the ability to dim the light may be a great option for you. The only thing you need to look out for: not all LED bulbs are dimmable! The product you’ve chosen has to be specially labelled as being dimmable. This information is, of course, provided in our product details.

    PHILIPS GU10 bulb
    GU10 bulbs

    Which dimmer is suitable for GU10 LED bulbs?

    As mentioned beforehand, please make sure that the LED bulb is labelled as being dimmable. When it comes to a compatible dimmer, there’s no such thing as a standard dimmer which can be used for every light bulb. It is common for GU10 LED bulbs to be dimmable using a leading edge or trailing edge dimmer. Specific information with regard to the correct dimmer is provided in the technical data.

    How hot do GU10 LED bulbs get?

    Don’t worry, LED bulbs do not get as hot as old traditional light bulbs. Yet they do emit some heat which is why they should not sit directly in the insulation, air must be able to circulate so they can cool down.

    What voltage is standard for GU10 bulbs?

    The standard nominal voltage is 230 volts. Our specialist consultants can certainly respond to any queries you may have about this. Just call them or send an e-mail. Contact details can be found below. 

    What does GU10+C mean?

    ‘+C’ is a reference to additional protection (cover) which is supposed to improve the colour as well as light emission and temperature. However, this only applies to halogen bulbs. We’d always recommend choosing LED bulbs over any other technology due to lower energy-consumption and various other benefits.

    Should I connect GU10 bulbs in a series or in parallel?

    GU bulbs should be connected in parallel, however, this should not be attempted by an amateur electrician. Asking an expert is advisable. Should you have any further questions, please call our specialist consultants, they’re happy to help.

    To contact our specialist consultants dial +353 1 699 2138 or use the contact form.

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