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Ground lights

Put your garden in the spotlight

It’s always nice to relax outdoors, and our range of ground lights will help to turn your garden into a haven of tranquility.

Whether used as security lights for your home or to shed light on beautiful ornaments, lawns, ponds, flowerbeds or pathways, whatever you choose, one thing is guaranteed, your garden will be the place to be from January, all the way through till December.

black ground spotlight

What are exterior ground spotlights used for?

Ground lights are used outdoors to provide more light for the exterior of the house, sometimes for security and safety purposes. But they’re also used to highlight features, like flowerbeds, lawns, ornaments, ponds and pathways.

In the professional sector, ground spotlights are used for lighting castles, monuments, statues, trees, fountains and large company buildings, to name just a few.

silver gound lights

What do you have to consider when installing outdoor ground lights?

Most outdoor ground lights have a protection class of IP44 or higher. This is necessary because the bulbs are constantly exposed to the weather, so they need to be protected against moisture and foreign bodies.

Depending on placement location, for example, beside a pond, a higher degree of protection may be needed.

For roofed areas, a lower protection class should be sufficient.

The following overview shows which protection class stands for what:

ip codes

What are the advantages of outdoor earth spike ground lights?

Ground spotlights with earth spikes can be set up on any suitable surface and moved at any time to suit your needs, which means if you’re unhappy you can move your light, position it elsewhere and find the perfect position.

Most ground spotlights have an earth spike, but screw-in versions for concrete floors are also available.

black ground light

Are solar outdoor spotlights also available?

A solar spotlight is ideal when you want to install ground lights for decorative purposes. Here, the solar panel should be aligned so that it receives maximum exposure to the sun as possible. And you need to make sure the panel remains clean and clear of dust, dirt and leaves.

For this reason, many ground spotlights come with earth spikes, which means they can be moved and placed elsewhere, whenever you want to.

But the best bit about solar lights is that, because they don’t need a cable, they’ll shine all year round (depending on the weather), and you’ll never have to pay a penny in electricity.

Please note: For safety purposes, ground spotlights shouldn’t be used as security lighting as, on cloudy days or during the winter months, the battery power can be significantly lower.

black solar ground spotlight

Would you like to learn more about our outdoor ground spotlights? Or any other topic related to LED ground lights? If so, our friendly team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have. Call today on +353 1 699 2138 or contact us via email.

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