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    G9 LED bulbs

    reading light with G9 LED bulb

    Fantastic colour rendering, excellent light output and a small light bulb – let us introduce you to the G9 LED bulb, which brings more streamlined designs into our homes as we no longer have to rely solely on bulky, traditional light bulbs.

    G9 LED bulb

    What does G9 actually mean?

    G9 refers to a type of light bulb base. In this case, it’s a base with a distance of 9 mm between the pins, which is why this type of light bulb is also known as a bi-pin bulb.  Of course, the lighting technology used in G9 capsule bulbs can vary - it may be a halogen bulb, a compact fluorescent lamp or a LED bulb.

    G9 bulbs are high-voltage bulbs without a reflector, which means the light is undirected and emitted virtually all around. The actual length of G9 bulbs can differ - some are a couple of millimetres longer, others a bit shorter. However, all G9 capsule bulbs are relatively small compared to traditional light bulbs. If every millimetre counts in your lamp, the dimensions of the individual G9 light bulb can easily be found in the product details.

    How bright is a G9 LED bulb?

    The G9 bulb is commonly seen in a group, for example in a multiple-bulb ceiling spotlight, and generally yield a light output of 200 - 400 lumens per bulb.

    Halogen bulbs and LEDs alike cover this light output perfectly. The significant difference, however, is that LED bulbs consume less power than halogen bulbs to achieve the same light output. For instance, an LED bulb with a power consumption of 3 - 4 watts can easily produce the same light output as a halogen bulb with a power consumption of 33 watts. A clear winner for your wallet and the environment!

    wall light with G9 LED bulb
    bathroom spotlight with G9 LED bulbs
    ceiling spotlight with G9 LED bulb

    So, if you’re using G9 bulbs, please use LED technology and don’t worry about those cherished lights with an outdated G9 halogen bulb that you may already have in your home. They can be easily retrofitted with a modern G9 LED bulb!

    Looking for information about light output? Simply check the product details in our shop.

    Are there G9 LED bulbs from Osram and Philips?

    Of course, you can rely on the big brands Osram and Philips when it comes to G9 LED bulbs. Simply select the filterManufacturer” and the appropriate bulbs will be displayed.

    G9 LED bulb osram
    G9 LED bulb philips

    Are there dimmable G9 LED bulbs?

    Yes, dimmable G9 LED bulbs are available too. Please note: not all G9 LED bulbs are dimmable! It varies from bulb to bulb, yet it’s easy to find out whether a G9 LED bulb can be dimmed or not. In the product details for the relevant product, just check whether it says “dimmable – yes”. 

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