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Filament bulbs – let’s hear it for the light bulb

You fell in love with the nostalgic aesthetic of filament light bulbs? The good news is that the modern version of these retro bulbs come with the benefits of modern LED technology: long life, high switching resilience, low energy consumption and flexibility in terms of luminous colour.

Tip before you buy: Warm colour temperatures of 1800 kelvins and higher help create an even cosier atmosphere. Give them a go and enjoy!

What exactly are filaments?

Filaments are threads – in the case of modern LED filament bulbs, they are strings of LEDs. Heat is emitted to the bulb via the filling gas, which means that in comparison to conventional matt LED bulbs, no cooling element is required.

filament bulbs

Do filament light bulbs fit every light?

This depends on the kind of socket in your light. In the shop you can filter your search by “sockets” - E27, E14, G9 and many other standard bases are available to choose from. Also, please check the dimensions of the whole bulb in the product details area, under “length” and “diameter”. Not every filament bulb is of the same length and width. Check beforehand to ensure it fits your light.

Can LED filament bulbs be dimmed?

Depending on your mood and the situation, you might prefer a dimmable filament bulb. If the bulb is identified as dimmable on the packaging, there are no restrictions. The relevant dimmer is always specified on the packaging, or in the technical data in the shop.

filament bulbs

What colour rendering do you need?

The colour rendering index of the light bulb describes how natural the surroundings that the light is used in will look. If a jumper looks completely different outside the shop, you can be sure that the light inside was not of the highest colour rendering value!

Information about colour rendering is provided on the light bulb packaging and in the technical data in our shop. For traditional light bulbs, this is listed under “Ra”, while for LEDs please see “CRI”. This stands for colour rendering index. We recommend a value of > 90 or higher for a natural look.

Need advice about filament light bulbs? If so, just give our specialist consultants a call. Dial +353 1 699 2138 or get in touch via the contact form.

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