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    E27 bulbs – from traditional incandescent light bulb to LED

    Traditional incandescent light bulbs with an E27 base have not been in production for a long time. Now, LED technology is the light source of choice as LED bulbs beat halogen bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps in terms of service life and energy efficiency.

    e27 bulb
    e27 bulb

    Tip: Do you like vintage-style filament bulbs? Great, why not opt for a retrofit LED filament bulb? LED filament bulbs work with a LED filament instead of a wire filament, however, visually there is no noticeable difference between the LED bulb and the traditional incandescent bulb.

    What does E27 actually mean?

    Thomas Alva Edison is the man who gave the E base its name. The “27” is a reference to the diameter of the base which is 27 millimetres.

    E27 light bulbs with special features

    Not all light bulbs are the same. Some can only shine in one luminous colour, while others are smart home-compatible or have a colour change function. The following special features are available:

    Not every light bulb can be dimmed. Check beforehand whether your light bulb of choice comes with this feature - Dimmability is noted in the product details at our shop.

    Colour change
    Cannot decide on just one colour? Then opt for a light bulb that can change colour. Simply look in the product details under “Luminous colour”, where all the possible options are listed, from warm white to daylight white and cool white, right through to multi-coloured light. 

    e27 smart bulb
    e27 smart bulb
    e27 smart bulb
    smart home systems

    Controllable via an app
    Want to put together your own dream lighting solution and control it using an app? This can be done with Philips Hue for example. You will need:

    • a Wi-Fi router as an interface
    • a bridge as a core element
    • a mobile device
    • the Philips Hue app

    Simply screw the Philips Hue light bulb into one of your lights and it will become a smart, variable light source. Genius!

    Remote control
    Want to dim the bulb, change the luminous colour and produce colour changes and lighting effects at the touch of a button? Just opt for an E27 bulb with remote control, such as an iDual product. The great thing is that the remote control works for all iDual light bulbs. Please note: It may be practical to have a remote control for each room – especially when there a several people in your household. 

    How big are E27 bulbs?

    Take a look at length and diameter in the product details in our shop. In the classic bulb shape, for example, the bulb can be 105 mm long and have a diameter of 60 mm. A candle bulb, on the other hand, can be 90 mm in length and have a diameter of 35 mm. This varies from bulb to bulb. If you are restricted by your light in terms of the dimensions, you can plan this accurately in advance.

    Are there adapters for different socket sizes?

    Yes, these range from E27 to E14. However, these are generally not VDE and TÜV quality-tested so the safest, easiest and best approach is to buy a suitable light bulb. Our specialist advisors are happy to help should you have any questions about this..

    e27 smart bulbs

    Would you like to know more about E27 light bulbs? Then ask our specialist advisors. Call +353 1 699 2138 or use the contact form

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