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    E14 bulbs

    What is an E14 light bulb?

    e14 bulb
    e14 bulb

    E14? What appears to be cryptic, is in reality pretty simple and transparent. The letter ‘E’ stands for Edison, a reference to none other than the inventor of the traditional light bulb, Thomas Alva Edison. The number ‘14’ is the diameter of the base, which in this case is, of course, 14 mm. Logical, isn’t it?

    Did you know? E14 refers to the size of the base alone, not to the technology of the bulb. So, there are halogen bulbs, traditional incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps and, of course, LED bulbs that have E14 bases.

    What shapes of E14 light bulbs are there?

    There is, among others...

    • The classic traditional light bulb shape
    • The candle bulb, including the flame tip bulb - ideal for a welcoming chandelier in the hallway
    • The tubular bulb, often used in form of a small bulbs for refrigerators
    • The reflector bulb
    • The spiral bulb (found in old compact fluorescent lamps)
    e14 filament bulb
    e14 candle bulb
    e14 bulb

    Why so many different shapes? Simply because E14, alongside E27, is one of the standard base sizes for light bulbs. Also, there isn’t a standard norm regulating the size of E14 light bulbs, so they actually vary in length between 57 and 127 mm.

    The dimensions and the technology of each bulb can, of course, be found in the product details and the product description.

    Are there E14 bulbs with special features?

    Yes, there is a variety of special features such as colour change, the ability to dim as well as smart-home-capabilities.

    Special features of E14 light bulbs include:

    Ability to dim: Since traditional incandescent light bulbs as well as halogen bulbs are dimmable by default, you may be well accustomed to this handy feature. Things are a little different with LED though - not all LED bulbs can be dimmed. But don’t worry, the product details provide information about which LED bulbs can be dimmed and those that cannot.

    But which type of dimmer will I need for my new, dimmable LED bulb? Just get in touch with our specialists if you have any questions, their contact information is provided below.

    ✔ With colour change

    Anyone who likes colourful lighting but cannot, nor wants to, decide on a specific colour, will love the E14 light bulb with a colour changing function. Take a look in the product details for the keywords ‘luminous colour’ and you will soon discover if you can become a chameleon with your chosen light bulb.

    e14 bulb with colour change function

    ✔ With remote control

    There are a few different options to adjust the light colour; one of them is via a remote control. This applies to E14 light bulbs from iDual, for example. The cool thing: switching between colour temperatures such as warm white or cool while, dimming and automatic colour changes are possible, too!

    Philips Hue

    Are your refrigerator, washing machine, central heating and blinds already a part of your smart home? Make your lighting smart too - Philips Hue is the ideal solution for this! With Philips Hue you can select lights that feature both built-in LED technology as well as LED light bulbs that can easily be screwed into your favourite lights!

    e14 bulb controlled via app

    More questions? Contact our specialists, we’d be happy to hear from you! Dial +353 1 699 2138 or get in touch via the contact form.

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