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Create a Festive Ambience with Candle Bridges

What could be more atmospheric than a lovely candle arch in the Christmas season? There are a variety of models available, including timeless candle bridges that can be used throughout the year as well as models that really hit the mark when it comes to Christmas decorations, complete with angels, snow-covered trees, houses and reindeer. The choice is yours!

candle arch
candle arch

Where does the candle arch originate?

To answer this question we need to look to the Ore Mountains in Germany. The decorative candle arch has been part of the folk art there for more than 250 years. There are different ideas behind the tradition; one states that the candle arch symbolises the gates of heaven as a Christian motif while another says that it is a reference to a mining tradition. In the last shift before Christmas, the miners were purported to have hung up all their lamps in the mouth of the tunnel, creating the appearance of the candle arch. 

How long should we leave a candle bridge up?

How long you enjoy your candle arch is very much up to the individual and, is purely a matter of preference. However, one feature makes it easier to have it set up long before and after Christmas: a simple design, for example a Scandinavian style wooden candle bridge.

Why do we put a candle bridge in the window?

A candle arch can be placed on the windowsill, however, it looks fantastic on the living room table or on a chest of drawers, too. Of course, the advantage of placing it on the windowsill is that it can be admired from both inside and outside alike.

What is characteristic of modern candle bridges?

Modern candle arches use LEDs. There’re differences when it comes to the design, too. While traditional candle arches show little houses, trees, people – entire landscapes even – and sometimes Christian motifs, modern candle arches move away from these ideas. Instead, they can be so stylised that figures are dispensed with altogether, and even the arch itself recedes into the background. In recent years, many models have been created in a Scandinavian style. These have such a simple and timeless design that they work well as ambience lighting throughout the year.

christmas decorations
candle bridge

Do candle bridges use LED technology?

Of course. After all, LEDs are the present and the future. Modern LED technology enables much more delicate designs compared to the light bulbs used previously - the finest design details can be implemented, without any problems thanks to LEDs.

What other advantages do LEDs offer?

  • LEDs provide energy saving of 60 % in comparison to halogen bulbs, and 90 % in comparison to traditional light bulbs

  • A service life of up to 50,000 hours is possible with LEDs

  • LEDs achieve more a greater light output, with less energy (lumens)

  • LEDs make it possible to experience light in an individual way in a smart home.

Are there spare bulbs for candle arches?

If the bulbs in your candle bridge are not built-in, spare bulbs are provided too. The right bulb is indicated in the product details in our shop, which also provides information as to whether the bulbs in your candle arch are built-in, or can be replaced, as well as the energy efficiency rating. 

What materials are candle bridges available in?

When you think of candle arches, the first material you think of is wood and carved figures. Many candle arches are indeed made from wood, but other materials such as metal, chrome and plastic are used too. Ultimately, it is your taste that decides on which material is best.

Not sure which candle bridge you should choose? Then just get in touch with our specialist consultants. Dial +353 1 699 2138 or use the contact form.

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