Christmas Lights

Christmas Lighting for Stylish Interiors

This Christmas is going to be festive and smart. Even the fairy lights are connected to your smartphone and can be controlled via an app. This is your chance to create the most amazing Christmas tree scenarios!

Find out all you need to know for the best time of year in this article:

When should you put up your Christmas lights? There is no universal start date for putting up your Christmas decorations. You can, of course, use the first Sunday of Advent as your cue to start decorating. At the end of the day, it really depends on when you feel in the Christmas spirit.

Tip: Your Christmas lighting shouldn’t irritate anyone. You should only put up flashing and musical decorations in such a way that they don’t disturb your neighbours’ sleep. Only place these outside if your garden is big enough to not impact upon your neighbours’ peace. If the neighbourhood is woken up after the fifth round of “Jingle Bells” it won’t feel that fun anymore!

If in doubt, simply speak to your landlord and neighbours. Maybe you could even infect a Scrooge with your own enthusiasm!

Christmas lighting for indoors: The good news is: the choice gets larger each year and smarter, too. You can now control your fairy lights using a smartphone app or change the colour of your Christmas star by remote control.

Of course, our range includes tried-and-tested Christmas decorations too:

  • Practical and safe LED candles

  • Atmospheric Christmas stars

  • Colourful and smart fairy lights

  • Christmas stars and window decorations

  • Classical Schwibbogen

  • Atmospheric silhouette lights and figures

Wall christmas lighting
Christmas lighting LED candles
Christmas lighting decorations

Christmas lights for gardens, terraces and balconies

Fairy lights are, of course, a must for the garden. If you can control them from the window with your smartphone, all the better! Do you want to erect really heavy-duty equipment and impress your neighbours? Then how about a Christmas figure to get one step closer to your dreams? Rope lights and curtain lights also look great in the garden, just make sure they have a suitable IP code – it should be at least IP44. This offers protection against foreign bodies over one millimetre in size, and against spray water.

Would you love an illuminated zoo in your garden? Then place some moose, polar bears, birds, reindeer and seals on your winter meadow. Illuminating Father Christmases and snowmen look great on balconies and terraces. Meanwhile, LED silhouettes add a cool and clean style to your outdoor decorations. Let your imagination run wild!

Christmas lighting outdoor
Christmas lighting snowman

Christmas lights for windows and window sills

The best thing about window decorations: they enhance your outdoor space, too, as your neighbours and passing pedestrians can enjoy your light design. There is plenty of choice here too. Some ideas: Schwibbogen look great on window ledges, you can decide whether to hang a Christmas Star from the window or to place it on the window sill. Maybe you fancy a curtain light or a cheeky decorative figure? Take your time browsing through the options!

Christmas lighting star
Christmas lighting fairy lights

Christmas decorations with special features

Would you like your Christmas decorations to come with special features? No problem at all:

Christmas lighting decorations with a remote control

With a remote control

  • Would you like to switch off fairy lights, tree and LED candles or even Advent calendars from the comfort of your sofa by remote control? Gone are the days when you had to crawl under the Christmas tree to plug in the fairy lights. With a remote control, all it takes is a click and you can enjoy your tree shining in the finest colours.

Christmas lighting decorations with batteries

With batteries

  • Not in the mood for wires? If you love Christmas decorations and like lavish illuminations, you can soon find yourself in the midst of a mass of cables and plugs. The best way to avoid this is to simply search for Christmas lights with batteries. There is plenty on offer here. Super convenient and flexible.

Christmas lighting with a timer

With a timer

  • You don’t fancy having to do a tour in the evening to turn off all of your Christmas lights by hand? A timer could be just the thing. Programme your lights so they shine as you want them to. It also means that your home will always look like someone is at home – great for putting off burglars.

Do you need replacement bulbs for your Christmas lights? There is nothing more annoying than getting your Christmas decorations from the loft only to realise that the bulbs are broken. If you still love your old fairy light, simply order a handful of replacement bulbs.

Tip: If you are replacing conventional light bulbs with LED bulbs, make sure to change them all at once. Otherwise they might not work properly.

Have a read through our sub-category “Replacement bulbs” when you get a minute. If you have any questions, our team of experts are happy to help.

You can call our team of experts on or use the contact form – we’re happy to help!

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