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    Recessed wall lights save space and provide fantastic, efficient lighting

    If opulent designs – such as chandeliers and the like – do not play a major role in your interior design concepts,, then recessed wall lights might be your thing. In optical terms they are the exact opposite, yet they provide many convincing benefits.

    Recessed wall lights:

    • are true space savers – they almost look like they are a part of the wall they are embedded in
    • provide a great lighting ambience - other areas of light come together in the backdrop, meaning this light is the main player
    • contribute to providing comforting light, working perfectly in contemporary living spaces
    • bring together minimalist appeal and functionality
    • are a popular type of lighting for indoor and outdoor areas - for the latter, take note of the relevant IP code (details provided below).

    Tip: Recessed wall lights are a good use for orientation in small hallways. A narrow room won't be made to feel any smaller in space, yet a cosy, balanced lighting effect will be created.

    recessed wall lights

    What types of installations are there with recessed wall lights?

    Think it is great just how space saving recessed wall lights are? We do too. Outside of the wall they require almost no space. However, there is something else to consider with this type of lighting – they need to be sunk in, which means they do need some space inside the wall. They are also not as easy to install as ordinary ceiling lights. Ask a qualified electrician for help. Give them the assembly instructions which are enclosed with every recessed wall light.

    Still keen to know how recessed wall lights are mounted? Either via flush-mounted sockets, housing or a hollow socket - depending on the light. For any queries with regard to installation types, get in touch with our specialists via the contact information below.

    Tip: How much space you need as well as information on the installation depth and installation diameter is provided in the product details.

    recessed wall lights installation
    recessed wall lights

    Is a transformer required for a recessed wall light?

    If the recessed wall light does not operate with 230 V, then the answer is yes. In this case, ensure that there is sufficient space for a transformer, or ensure that a power supply is available during installation. Of course, there are also recessed wall lights that operate via 230 V and  lights that have a built-in LED driver. These do not require a transformer.

    How do I use recessed wall lights for a staircase?

    A uniform, warm, pleasing light that provides your staircase with a warm ambience, ensuring you can walk safely. Can you imagine that? Then pay attention to these few matters - to light up staircases or steps, recessed stair lights should be installed at a lower height just above the steps. Depending on the light, 20-50 cm above the stairs in the wall is optimal. This means that no one will be blinded by the light.

    The benefits of having stair lighting with recessed stair lights:

    • Potentially hazardous locations are made visible
    • Emphasis is placed on architectural features
    • A pleasing atmosphere is provided
    recessed stair lights
    recessed stair lights

    What should be considered in the bathroom and outdoors?

    There is no reason for recessed wall lights to be inside the house only. They work equally well in the garden, as they do around the home. Simply ensure that you have a model with the relevant IP code. Outdoor wall lights use models from IP44, which guarantee that your lights are protected from foreign objects that are larger than one millimetre as well as from splashes of water.

    The same rules apply for the bathroom or other wet areas, for instance, in a wellness temple with a sauna. Make sure you use the relevant IP code. DIN VDE 0110 Part 701 safety standards also need to be considered in the bathroom. The bathroom is subdivided into protection zones and other areas, requiring different IP codes and extra-low voltages. But you don't really need to know all of that in detail, since the installation of recessed wall lights should be left to an experienced electrician. Safety is the first priority when there is water or moisture involved!

    recessed wall lights bathroom
    recessed wall lights
    recessed wall lights for outdoor use

    Are recessed wall lights controlled by a switch?

    There are a few recessed wall lights than can be operated directly via a switch. However, in most cases recessed wall lights need to be turned on centrally. Still have some questions? Feel free to get in touch with our specialists via the contact information below.

    Are there recessed lights with motion sensors?

    Recessed wall lights can very easily be turned on and off via external motion detectors. Regarding questions about the details, give our specialists a call. The contact information is provided below.

    set of recessed wall lights

    Do recessed wall lights work with LED technology too?

    Recessed wall lights featuring modern LED technology are especially popular. And there is often the option of inserting colour accents for a great atmosphere and light-play. Generally speaking, LED is the best solution when it comes to all things lighting.

    • In comparison to traditional light bulbs, up to 90% of electricity is saved and up to 60% when comparing LED to halogen bulbs
    • Almost maintenance-free technology
    • LED light bulbs as well as in-build LEDs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
    • Moderne LED-Technik steht für sehr haltbare Leuchtmittel
    • Modern LED technology is very durable
    • Compact designs in form of build-in LEDs are the fantastic result of modern LED technology

    Have other matters you would like to talk to us about? Our specialists are happy to hear from you. Dial +353 1 699 2138 or contact us via our contact form.

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