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First-class mail

There’s nothing like getting letters through the post, so if your current letterbox has seen better days, maybe it’s time to freshen things up?

Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted postbox made from stainless steel or a freestanding mailbox to sit pride of place at the bottom of your garden, you’ll find every letterbox in our range has one thing in common: they’re all first class.

silver letterbox

How do you install your wall-mounted letterboxes?

Our letterboxes should be mounted into your exterior wall using dowels and a drill. And we’d also recommend installing it beneath a canopy, to protect your mail from weather and moisture.

What size envelope fits your letterboxes?

To comply with postal standards, the dimensions of our letterbox slot and interior are made to fit a standard size C4 envelope (324 x 229 mm), allowing all your important documents and awesome magazine subscriptions to be delivered without bending.

Which letterboxes would you recommend?

The style of letterbox to suit your home will depend on the house design or your own personal tastes.

However, we’d recommend either our eye-catching stainless steel letterboxes, our coal-coloured models with built-in motion sensor LED lighting or our antique letterbox with viewing slot.

Or, if you’re an avid news reader, we also have letterboxes available with separate newspaper compartments.

black letterbox

Coal-coloured letterbox with integrated, sensor-controlled LED lighting.

antique letterbox

Antique letterbox model with small viewing slot in the removal door.

free standing letterbox

What‘s the advantage of owning a stainless steel letterbox?

Stainless steel letterboxes are one of the most popular choices among our customers.


Because stainless steel is less susceptible to corrosion, temperature-resistant (so it never gets hot) and easier to clean than other materials.

Oh, and that they look stylish is a major factor too!

What alternatives are there to wall-mounted letterboxes?

If you’re tired of your wall-mounted letterbox, our range also includes a vast number of freestanding letterbox options.

But, be aware, if you’re considering a freestanding model, please make sure to take note of which mailboxes need to be set in concrete and which come with screw-in base plates.

Would you like to learn more about our letterboxes? Or any other topic related to wall-mounted or freestanding letterboxes? If so, our friendly team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have. Call today on +353 1 699 2138 or contact us via email.

modern outside letterbox
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