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    LED Spotlights – subtle details with an amazing lighting effect

    LED spotlights are great for setting the scene in a targeted area; this may be a reading chair for a bookworm, or for the art lover, a special exhibit. A single spotlight can provide enough targeted lighting for any space. Of course, if you want more light, then you’re going to need more spotlights. Combined together, multi-bulb LED spotlights offer enough light to illuminate a whole room.

    led spotlights
    Attractive LED wall spotlight Vila, nickel

    For the most part, however, with its inconspicuous design and discreet colours, it is not the light fitting itself that grabs your attention, but rather the amazing lighting effects created by it. You can achieve beautiful accents using directly targeted light.

    led spotlights

    What should I look for when choosing LED spotlights?

    If you enjoy flexibility, then you should ensure that the individual spotlights can be rotated and pivoted, but most LED spotlights do this anyway. If you choose a dimmer, you’ll also get flexibility in terms of brightness. This feature is not available for all spotlights, so, if you want it, make sure you include it in your search filter. Certain LED spotlights will also allow for flexibility in terms of luminous colour, but this is quite rare. So, again, if you’re looking for this, put it in the search filter. For spotlights that have this feature, you will also need to consider whether you prefer to control the light via a smartphone app or remote control.

    Of course, you must also ask yourself where you want to place the LED spotlight. If it is going to be somewhere where it can get wet, then you need to make sure that it has a suitable IP code. All bathrooms require this. Different IP codes are required depending on the room and location of the attachment. The wetter a room can potentially get, the higher the moisture protection needs to be - this is determined by the second digit of the IP code.

    Digit IPX4 Solid particle protection
    0 No protection
    1 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 50 mm
    2 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 12,5 mm
    3 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 2,5 mm
    4 Effective against solid foreign objects ≥ 1 mm
    5 Dust protected
    6 Dust tight
    Digit IP4X Liquid ingress protection
    0 No protection
    1 Protection against dripping water (vertically falling drops)
    2 Protection against dripping water when tilted at 15°
    3 Protection against spraying water
    4 Protection against splashing of water
    5 Protection against water jets
    6 Protection against powerful water jets
    7 Protection against temporary immersion
    8 Protection against continuous immersion

    Are LED spotlights suitable for bathrooms?

    Spotlights provide beautiful lighting accents in bathrooms. Placed on the ceiling, they offer illumination for the whole room and placed over the mirror, they provide task lighting, which is fantastic when it comes to shaving or applying mascara: no frustrating shadows thanks to a properly lit mirror! Multi-bulb LED spotlights are especially well-suited use above mirrors. In terms of moisture protection, mirror and ceiling spotlights are usually well-covered with the IP44 code. But there is a lot to consider – especially when it comes to bathrooms. It is always best to consult a specialist who can tell you exactly which IP code you need for your space

    With LEDs, there is a clear advantage
    As the name suggests, LED spotlights work using LED technology. Most LED spotlights come with integrated LEDs. This means that bulb replacement is unnecessary due to the long lifespan of LEDs. And there are many more great advantages to using LEDs:

    • Saves more energy: 90 % compared to traditional light bulbs
    • Long lifespan: up to 50,000 hours
    • Immediate lighting: 100 % of the maximum light output immediately

    How many lumens do I need per m²?

    This depends on how bright you want the lighting to be, and also on which room you want to equip with LED spotlights. For the most part, you can base this on lumens:

    • General lighting in living room / hallway: 100 lm/m²
    • General lighting for the kitchen / bathroom: 300 lm/m²

    See the product details for the light output in lumens for a single spotlight. And if there is more than one spotlight, use the total light output. Our specialists are more than happy to answer any of your questions and to provide practical help when it comes to choosing your lights and making calculations.

    6-bulbs, white LED ceiling light Vince
    Square white LED spotlight Vince

    How do you install an LED spotlight?

    This is different for each model, but each light comes with a practical illustrated installation guide. If you have any questions before or during installation, just contact one of our specialists for some useful installation tips. Our contact details can be found below. Tip: while it might be tempting to try your hand as an amateur electrician, please seek the services of a certified electrician for the installation process if you have any doubt.

    Do LED spotlights provide warm white or cool white light?

    That is entirely up to you. Simply select the “luminous colour” filter in the “LED spotlight” category and tick the features that you want your spotlight to have:

    • Colour change RGB + white
    • Colour change warm white / daylight
    • Multicolour
    • Daylight
    • Cool white
    • Warm white

    This decision should be based on the purpose that you want your LED spotlight to fulfil – for example, you might simply want to install it in your cellar for general lighting. Or maybe you want a light for the living room that can provide enough brightness for cleaning, but also cosy lighting for lounging on the sofa. If this is the case, it would make sense for you to choose a model with a colour-change option.

    3-bulb Ivory LED ceiling spotlight with remote
    3-bulb Ivory LED ceiling spotlight with remote
    3-bulb Ivory LED ceiling spotlight with remote

    Would you like to get more information about LED spotlights? Then please feel free to call one of our specialists on or get in touch with us via our contact form - we are happy to help!

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