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LED pendant lights

Pendant lights are usually the central focus in a room which make them a must-have in any home. Combined with modern LED technology, they make a brilliant dream team. Let’s have a closer look!

How high should I hang an LED pendant light?

It’s best to hang your LED hanging light between 80 and 100 cm above the table which means that you can look friends and family in the eye and won’t bump your head as you take your seat or stand up. Height-adjustable hanging lights are another great option if you want maximum flexibility.

led pendant lighting

What if your hanging light won’t be installed above a table, but is to hang freely in the kitchen or living room?

Usually they're ideal when hung two metres above the floor.

Can you adjust the height of an LED pendant light?

Whether or not an LED pendant light is height adjustable depends on the individual product. Just check the product details for this information - if it states “Height adjustable” then you're good to go. All you have to do is set the rise and fall mechanism as you wish, and the light will shine from higher up or lower down.

led pendant lighting

led pendant lighting

led pendant lighting

Can I get an LED pendant light with a touch dimmer?

Yes, we sell these lights too. Do you prefer the light level a little bit lower because you want to enjoy a cosy night in? Or do you prefer bright lighting because you have paperwork to do? A touch dimmer is incredibly useful for many situations. Some of our LED pendant lights even have a memory function which means that the light will remember the same brightness you’ve set last time.

How can you tell if a light has a touch dimmer? Just look at the product details for the dimmer column and if it states “With touch dimmer” you have your answer.

led pendant lighting

led pendant lighting

led pendant lighting

Would you like to know more about LED hanging lights? Just get in touch with our customer service team using the contact details below.

Are there LED pendant lights with a remote control?

Yes, and you can use this practical function to your heart’s content to...

  • change the colour temperature. Do you prefer warm white, cool white or daylight white?
  • switch between different colours such as red, green and blue.
  • adjust the brightness by using the dimming function.

Would you like to have even more features for your LED pendant light? How about using smart lighting, like Philips Hue? You can choose between 16 million colours and even use voice control to achieve an individual lighting ambiance.

Which materials and designs are in demand for LED pendant lights?

We have...

  • Simple and sleek designs made possible by modern LED technology - adding a real statement to the room without too much bling.
  • Rectangular LED pendant lights in various designs and materials – gold or wood, twists and curves, or a simple straight line - ideal for illuminating large tables.
  • LED hanging lights made of wood or with wooden elements - perfect for a homely feel.
  • For true comfort, get an LED pendant light with fabric lampshade.
  • Industrial style LED lights – think concrete, pipes, and visible wear and tear.
  • LED glass pendant lights in a variety of shapes and colours - ideal to show off that stylish filament light bulb.
  • Rustic LED pendant lights – combining country-house charm with modern technology.
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