Qi wireless charging lamps

Qi wireless charging lamps combine an everyday object with innovative Qi charging technology. This enables compatible smartphones to be charged without cables. Touching the charging station is all that’s needed.

But the real genius is this technology is built into a piece of furniture that everyone needs: a table lamp.

How does Qi technology work?

Qi technology

Qi is the standard for induction charging devices. Electric toothbrushes, for example, have been using this form of energy transfer for a long time. Smartphone batteries can also be charged via Qi, provided they’re compatible.

The mobile device battery has a receiver coil, and a second coil is located in the charging station of the wireless charging lamp. So, any Qi-enabled smartphone placed on the charging surface will be charged automatically - without a cable.

What are the advantages of Qi technology?

  • Charge your Qi-compatible smartphone wirelessly: simply place it on the Qi charging surface

  • No problem with cables: Qi devices work across all manufacturers

  • Only one socket: just plug in your lamp; no charging cable socket is needed

  • Practical light without compromise: Qi lights offer high-quality light plus charging convenience

Where is the use of Qi wireless charging lamps suitable?

Lamps with a Qi charging function are perfect in the living room, home office or bedroom. Really, wherever is convenient for you. And because you don’t need to plug in your mobile, you simply place your phone on the charging surface and leave the charger to do its thing.

On the bedside table

Simply place the smartphone on the inductive charging surface of the table lamp before going to bed in the evening and charge it overnight. So easy, you won’t lose sleep over it.

On the side table

Another great place of use is the side table next to your sofa. Surf and chat on your smartphone and then recharge it when you need to.

On the desk

Say goodbye to 1% battery life at work. With a wireless charging lamp on your desk, you’ll never run out of battery in the middle of a business call again.

For mobile use

You’ll need a mobile charging station if you want to charge almost anywhere (with a socket, obviously). And with a discreet light, you can power up your phone without dazzling people around you.

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