The ultimate guide to drum lamp shades

Lighting designs with round lamp shades

Cylinder lamp shades radiate harmony and security. They are also well-rounded lighting designs - from large to small, from single statement to bundle. Whether sustainable in natural chic, hand-woven, with prints, shiny metallic or completely cosy made of fabric, round lamp shades provide warm light flair. Interchangeable shades bring variety and can be changed depending on the season, room design and mood.

Bring nature to your home

Materials from wood to seaweed

You can achieve a feel-good atmosphere when warm white light falls through round shades made of wood, sea grass and banana plant fibre. Bamboo, coloured slate, paper and hay also bring natural chic into our interiors creatively and sustainably. Warm white light bulbs are a must-have for an extra cosy factor. The way the grains of the materials are traced by the warm white light is fascinating.

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A love for patterns

From prints to upcycled coffee bags

Whether prints, noble woven fabrics, or upcycled canvas and coffee sacks - lampshades with patterns bring an individual touch to our homes. Depending on the design, round hanging lamps unfold their light flair just as well in a boho ambience as in an art deco style or natural chic. The warm white light that shines through the round shade allows the patterns to shine beautifully.

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Achieve cosiness with fabric lamp shades

Warm designs combined with light

Fabric lamp shades bring that special touch of cosiness in warm colour nuances. Due to the translucent nature of the woven fabrics, the warm white light spreads an unbeatable cosy flair. The combination with creative frames made of wood or metal provides even more variety in the interior. Perfect for styles from Scandi to Cottage.

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Woven lamp shades

Made of bamboo, jute, fibreglass and metal

Woven lamp shades bring an enchanting lighting atmosphere into living rooms. The meshes, some of which are intricately hand-knotted, create extraordinary light patterns. Natural materials such as bamboo and jute, as well as, glass fibre and metallic mesh are suitable materials for artfully woven shades.

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Metallic chic lighting styles

Metallic statement pieces

With round lampshades in metallic flair, we are sure of warm reflections and sparkling plays of light. Classic nuances such as gold, brass and copper are just as eye-catching as bold shades from metallic green to red. In terms of style, round metallic shades fit perfectly into glamour chic, retro interiors or as a highlight in minimalist surroundings.

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Multiple hanging light ideas

The possibilities are endless

Why limit yourself to one round shade when you can have several combined in one light? From pendant lights to floor lamps, the selection of hanging lights that house shades made of metal and textiles is endless. Depending on the arrangement of the light shades, light can be directed downwards in a cone or fanned out into the entire room.

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Mix & Match lamp shades

We bring a colourful variety into the home with interchangeable lamp shades in all imaginable styles and colours. Depending on the trend, season and mood, we can find an appropriate design in no time. Tip: to change the lamp shade, the light must have a threaded socket with a thread and a cap or screw ring on the outside.

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Cylinder and round lamp shades inspiration!

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