Designers of light

Leading Female Lighting Designers The women lighting the way

These women know what modern design is all about: leading female lighting designers from all the major brands inspire us with sophisticated light sculptures, elegant lighting accessories and innovative, feel-good designs - as well as their own charm!

Monica Armani

Monica Armani Timeless aesthetics for Luceplan

The Silenzio pendant light, which Monica Armani designed for Luceplan, bears all the trademarks of a signature Monica Armani design - like the use of sound-absorbing materials with simple, elegant design to help create a relaxing ambience. Monica also uses this combination in her other lighting projects, including her Poltrona Frau Group work.

Lucie Koldova

Lucie Koldova Poetic design for Fabbian

Lucie’s love of designing elegant, smart lights is reflected in her use of a wide variety of materials, including glass, cork, leather and metal. And this is evident in the Lens pendant light she designed for Fabbian - a poetic object which contrasts light and dark that oozes confidence and style - just like everything from the mind of Czech designer Lucie Koldova.

Elisa Giovannoni

Elisa Giovannoni Sophisticated designs for Slamp

She has worked with some design greats - like Michele De Lucchi. But today, Elisa Giovannoni is one of them herself. While known as a designer and architect of the Giovannoni Design company, and a lecturer at the Domus Academy and the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Elisa is perhaps best known for her Kalatos pendant light, which she created for Slamp using traditional wickerwork as her inspiration.

Gae Aulenti

Gae Aulenti Iconic lights for Martinelli Luce

Gae’s Pipistrello table lamp, which she designed for Martinelli Luce way back in 1965, is an unforgettable modern classic. Although she passed away in 2012, Gae Aulenti is a huge inspiration to many current female lighting designers. In addition to her work as an architect and designer, she is known for designing the Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona.

Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Carlotta de Bevilacqua Graceful light for Artemide

Carlotta de Bevilacqua is considered a visionary of lighting design. The aspiration of the wife of Ernesto Gismondi (founder of Artemide), who died in 2020 is "to develop the light of the future, which should first and foremost provide for people's well-being". As Vice-President of Artemide, Carlotta de Bevilacqua designed, among others, the battery-powered table lamp Come Together and - together with designer Paola di Arianello - the glass table lamp Empatia.

Jette Scheib

Jette Scheib Cosy atmosphere for Forestier

Jette Scheib designed the Carpa and Oyster light series for Forestier. Formerly a student of industrial design at the University of the Arts (Berlin), she later settled in Barcelona. From there, she develops products for internationally renowned interior companies. Her credo is that "the most beautiful piece of furniture will never be comfortable without the right lighting".

Elise Fouin

Elise Fouin Light creations for Forestier

Elise Fouin’s motto is: not to limit oneself to the narrowness of a style, but to deal openly with design. And she follows through with this belief by combining materials in ever new and exciting compositions - which is how she created her world-famous Papillon light series for the Forestier range. In addition to lights, Elise has also produced numerous pieces of furniture, carpets and even cutlery.

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