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Wire Track Lighting – A Wall-to-Wall Lighting Experience

Have a sloped ceiling, a long, narrow hallway or angled rooms with lots of dark corners? Or is it an inspiring living-dining room that you are really proud of, but having trouble finding the right type of lighting? Well, fear not. The right lighting solutions are available for those tricky spaces –the magic words here are wire track lighting!

How is wire track lighting installed?

wire tack lighting

From wall to wall or from wall to ceiling – these are the customary methods of installing cable lighting. How exactly? Get in touch with an electrician you trust – they will know how best to install the product.  Think you can do it by yourself? In that case, we recommend that you scrutinise the instructions for your new wire track lighting kit. Every product comes with a good manual, outlining every installation step.

If you're still having difficulty, or come across a question that you simply can’t figure out, just call or write to our specialist advisers. We can help, even with the trickiest of lighting problems. Their contact details can be found a little further down.

What is the maximum length of wire track lighting?

The cable length always depends on the transformer used and its power output. Please note though that with electronic transformers, the maximum specified lengths must not be exceeded. Also ensure that the system length is half the length of the cable length (+/-). Why? The cable is always led twice.

The specific length of each product can be found in the product details or in the product description.

If you still have questions, even if it’s on another lighting topic, please just call or write to us! We are happy to help. Our contact details can be found below.

Which rooms are most suitable for cable lighting?

Quite simply, all living areas, especially the living or dining room, as well as the hallway or kitchen. For the nursery and children’s bedroom, please use low-voltage wire track lighting. In the bathroom or other moisture-prone rooms, however, you should choose a model  which has the relevant IP code. In case you haven’t made up your mind or need additional lights for your bathroom, we have a great selection of ceiling lights or bath and mirror lights for this purpose too.

Why use wire track lighting in your living space?

Good question and an easy one to answer. Wire track lighting is great option if you have long rooms or rooms with lots of angles, where you might have a hard time finding the right lighting solution. This type of lighting works very well for sloped ceiling too. Thanks to the flexibility of the wire (even with over-corner connections) and the ability to individually position the lights, lots of different solutions to tricky lighting scenarios are available.

Cable lighting systems offer...

  • modern, minimalistic design – along with a great deal of functionality and flexibility.

  • the possibility to illuminate entire living spaces with just one installation and one ceiling connection.

  • a great, subtle lighting solution so you can finally highlight that new feature piece in your display cabinet. Even individual sections can be highlighted.

  • Depending on the model, it’s possible to integrate pendant lights too.

Does wire track lighting need a transformer?

This depends on the type of the cable lighting kit. If it is a low-voltage product then you will need a transformer which can then be plugged directly into the power point, placed off-centre, or be positioned on the wall. High-voltage wire track lighting, on the other hand, is powered directly by 230 voltswithout a transformer.

Is LED wire track lighting available too?

wire tack lighting
wire tack lighting
wire tack lighting

Yes, indeed. After all, why should LED technology be great for all other types of lighting and not be suitable for cable lighting? Wire track lighting with built-in LED technology not only means that dark corners are a thing of the past, the need to replace bulbs is redundant too. You can easily find out whether the cable lighting system you have chosen is suitable for LED bulbs or has built-in LEDs - in the product details and product description. Has this got you interested in LED wire track lighting? Great, you can choose one here!

Is cable lighting dimmable?

Some models are, it depends on the type of bulb you use, as well as the transformer. See the product description and the product details; all this information can be found there.

Still not totally clear on dimming cable lighting? No problem. Our specialist advisers are happy to hear from you. Their contact details are below.

Is wire track lighting available as a complete kit?

Of course, these are available in our shop. So you don’t have to select the individual parts yourself, but can get everything you need for installation in one set – so handy. Take a look at the kits available right here.

Are there any accessories (and spares) available?

wire tack lighting

Yes, you can find a wide range of accessories and spares here. Your chance to design your bespoke cable lighting solution and create an individual experience to illuminate every corner of your home!

Spares are available too and can be found in the category accessories. Parts of complete sets are often not sold as spare parts. In this case, however, get in touch with our customer service team, who will be able to find a solution.

So wire track lighting sounds like a useful and stylish option but you still have questions? We are here to help! Contact our specialist advisers. Call +353 1 699 2138 or message us using our contact form.

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