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    Crystal wall lights

    Want to add a bit of splendour to your home? Which material would be better for this than crystal? This is sure to create a beautiful, warm lighting mood and pretty light and shadow displays on the wall. Don’t hesitate - get a crystal wall light!

    What brands of crystal wall lamps are there?

    Kolarz, Schonbek and Swarovski are some of the most renowned brands when it comes to crystal wall lights. Do you have another brand in mind? No problem, you can easily see which brands are available by using the filter “manufacturer” in our shop.

    Do crystal wall lamps go well with antique interiors?

    Absolutely. Want your wall lights to look like they are from a bygone era? Crystal is the ideal material for this. A nostalgic feel is guaranteed – they would not look out of place in a beautiful old castle.

    crystal wall light with golden ornaments
    two bulb crystal wall light
    two bulb crystal wall light

    Are there multi-bulb crystal wall lamps?

    Yes, there are also multi-bulb models available. The easiest way to find out how many bulbs your new light has is to check the product specifications. The majority of crystal wall lights have one or two bulbs.

    Should I use LEDs in crystal wall lights?

    LED technology has so many advantages and can, of course, be used in crystal, antique-style wall lamps. Compared to traditional light bulbs you benefit from:

    • energy savings of 80-90%
    • 50 times longer life
    • up to 50,000 hours of light
    • excellent thermal management
    • compact, flat designs due to build-in LEDs

    Are there different options for switching on a crystal wall lamp? There are various ways – which one do you prefer? 

    • using a wall switch
    • using a switch on the light itself
    • using a switch on the power cable
    • using a remote control (this can also control the “multicolour” function, if applicable)

    Tip: Just use the filter “with switch” in the shop if you prefer this option.

    crystal wall lights
    crystal wall light

    How to clean crystal wall lights?

    A dry clean is sufficient, just use a feather duster to collect dust and dirt. Dust regularly, and there is no need to worry about stubborn dirt build-up. If you want to do a wet clean, always remember  to switch off the lights and fuses beforehand. Stay safe.

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