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Oriental Chic - Moroccan lamps

The magical and mysterious Orient has long held our imaginations and hearts captive. The styles and furnishings of far away nowadays cast exotic shapes on our four walls. Showing off Oriental chic works best with the right Moroccan lamps. Whether hanging from the ceiling, placed on a table or on the floor, they will show off the splendors and stunning colours of your beautiful carpets, ornate furniture and cosy cushions.

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What are Moroccan Style Lamps all about?

The epic tale, 1001 Nights, invites you to dream of distant, exotic lands! Moroccan lamps show off the decor by becoming the shining centre of the whole room - the elegance and style, the iridescent colours such as bronze, silver and gold, the wonderful patterns and ornamental features.

Tischleuchte Almira | 7610623

Play of Light and Shadow

Moroccan lamps are designed to draw the eye. The mostly metal lampshades are typically bulbous-shaped with ornamental holes to ensure that the light causes a spectacular show of light and shadow in the whole room that will have all of your friends gazing in awe and not-a-little envy.

The Moroccan lamps reproduce the patterns of the screens on walls and ceilings in a hypnotic and exciting play of light and shadow. This is how light-sculptured arabesques or geometrical patterns of light emerge in space, bringing the whole magic of the Far East to your own four walls.

Hängeleuchte Marrakech | 6532090

A Land of Shining Colours in your Home

Moroccan lamps supply a festival of colours, full of joy and exoticism. Strong colours and opulent brilliance, combined with earthy and warm shades such as brown, sand, beige, orange and mustard yellow, dominate oriental interiors. Metal elements shine in bronze, silver or antique copper finish - and of course in radiantly beautiful gold!

It’s not only metallic splendor which awakens the Orient in our four walls to colourful life, but powerful hues like sapphire blue or beautiful ruby ​​red.

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Tischleuchte Nabila | 8582364

Oriental Ambience in which to Dream and Relax

Enter the stunning world of Oriental interior design

...with bronze-coloured lace hanging Oriental lamps, mother-of-pearl floor lamps with metal ornaments, cotton turban-style ceiling lamps or lantern-shaped decorative lamps.

Accessorise and appeal to all the senses with items such as hand-woven kilims, nag Champa incense sticks, artfully decorated tiles, stunning cedar wood furniture, and shiny metal bowls, trays and decanters will be illustrated beautifully with the right light.

Moroccan style interiors should always be dipped in a comfortable, warm white light for the best ambience. Dimmers and smart home bulbs with colour changes are great choices to slide into the oriental world.

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Creating Oriental Flair in the Garden

The garden of your dreams

It’s not just indoors where you can show off your Oriental flair. Take it outdoors to the garden, especially in the summer months, and create an oasis of cosiness using Moroccan lamps.

Be the envy of your neighbours as solar lamps with typical hole patterns bring a taste of the exotic to your backyard. And with potted Morrocan lamps with spherical metal bodies, the flowerbeds shine in full glory at dusk.

Hängeleuchte Maison | 1563023
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Solarleuchte Orient | 3000586

Dekofans Beware!

Instant Oriental ambiance

If you fancy adding a touch of a different country to your interior with a single element yet retain a calm, zen feeling, try one of the many Moroccan lamps to bring a touch of individuality to the look you have created - there is nothing easier than adding a table lamp to a side table, dresser, bedside table or sideboard.

You can even screw a smart home bulb into one of the Moroccan lamps and change the ambience of the room. Using bulbs of meditative violet or mysterious blue will bring the world of the Orient to your home for a unique, comfortable and stunning look.

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Moroccan Lamps

  • Create a spectacular show of light and shadow with perforated Moroccan lamps.
  • Incorporate metal elements in bronze, silver, antique copper finish and radiantly beautiful gold.
  • Use smart home light bulbs to create individual lighting scenarios.
  • Dominant colours are earthy and warm shades such as brown, sand, beige, orange and mustard yellow.
  • Add powerful hues like sapphire blue or beautiful ruby ​​red.
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